November 30, 2012

News Flash!!

Since my blogging has been waaaay off for the past few months I've missed posting on several things around here. I plan to gradually start catching up on stuff when I can. So be prepared for lots of "old" news in the future, okay?! :-)

Subjects may include but not be limited to;

~ Dathan turning nine years old. (with all the craziness of labor around that time I never posted his birthday story!)

~ Darcey turning two. (again, just too much craziness around here!)

~ What's going on with Daxton and everyone else's health these days.

~ How quick this baby is growing and all the milestones he's already had!

~ And other random things that I come up with. lol

Anyway, this is a post to let you know about those other posts. You know, cause that just seemed to make sense when I first thought about writing it. (now I'm kinda just wondering if it's another sign of how my tired brain works these days. Or doesn't work?!) Okay, well, on that note I'm gonna stop for now. And maybe y'all won't think I'm too crazy yet! :-)