May 27, 2011

It's Been Real

Real life around here that is! The past couple of weeks have been a little rough with me having some health issues flair up pretty bad and Darcey being extra fussy alot of days as well. Which of course leads to it being hard to care for her and in turn not being able to care as much for the older two kids as I'd like to. None of us have slept very well either so that just makes things worse of course. I could be all pious at this point and act like I've been dealing with it in total acceptance, patience, and grace....but that wouldn't be quite true. So I'm just keeping it real today and admitting it's been hard! And I'm more than a little tired and ready for a break. That being said though, there has been some bright spots in the midst of it all as well......

Like Delancey making me feel better cards and bringing me little gifts while I lay down.
Or Dathan cleaning off the entire table including putting away the leftover food after supper....without being asked to.
Blake doing more than his fair share to help out in the evenings while he's home from work because he knows I feel bad.
Darcey babbling her first word (bye-bye), scooting across the floor, and pulling funny faces that make us laugh.
Delancey asking me to pray for her because she was scared and couldn't go to sleep...then telling me the next morning that she fell asleep almost as soon as she got back in the bed. She was so excited about God answering what we asked for!
Dathan walking out each morning to get the newspaper, reading the comics, and then working hard to make his own.
Trying to teach Blake how to play the piano. :) 

Wow, going back and thinking about all the good stuff that happened the past few days makes me realize that maybe that weren't totally awful after all! Now if I can just figure out something to do for these stinking health Hope you all have a fabulous holiday weekend.

May 19, 2011

Story of a Kitten

As strange as it may seem this story is tied into what happened a few weeks ago due to the storms that hit our area. But instead of it being one that's negative, it's actually quite the opposite! So here's a little something that occurred in those days that might actually make you smile. :)

I had mentioned before that we went out of town for a few days due to being unprepared for an extended loss of electricity. My parents went with us for part of that time as well before going back home to pack up for a trip they were taking next week. The morning after they arrived back at their house my mom kept hearing something that sounded like it came from under the floor. The more she heard it the more she thought it sounded like an that seemed like a kitten. My dad was skeptical after her telling him due to the fact there was really no possible way for anything to have gotten under the house by itself. He had checked and replaced all the vent covers, etc just a few days prior to all of this. She finally convinced him to go look though and sure enough....a baby kitten was found! Although crying and hungry it seemed to be otherwise fine and definitely didn't look like it had been under there for several days.

So the big mystery that none of us have yet figured out in the world did it get under there??!! It's the question that has us totally stumped and in all honesty will probably never be answered since there's really just no way of knowing what happened while they were gone. It is now a permanent part of the family (although I have to steer WAY clear of it when I'm around due to being highly allergic) and the kids are loving it. Mom bottle fed it for awhile and it's now eating canned food like a champ and growing like a weed. Delancey especially has adopted it as her own and can hardly be dragged away from it when they go to visit. Now the next question is.....what are they going to name it? :) Considering the circumstances the ones being tossed around the most are Stormy, Tornado, or Twister.  There's been a couple of regular ones too but I think they're mostly leaning towards one of the others. So be sure to leave a comment and let us know which one you like the best to help us decide!!

Well, there's our "happy" storm story. Hope you enjoyed hearing about the newest family member! And because I know you're probably's a picture of what it looks like too. :)

May 15, 2011

It's Official!

Well, I realized the last few posts have been about Delancey and had pictures in them, but I wanted to do just one more so I can share some of her graduation with you. The program went great and the kids had so much fun. We are so proud of her! But without any further ado.... here are some pictures from that night. Enjoy! :-)

All the gang!

Marching in...

During the program.

Getting her diploma!

Marching out....

Our whole family!

May 12, 2011

She's Graduating Today!!

Two days ago we were celebrating her birthday and now we get to enjoy seeing her graduate from kindergarten! We have a fun program planned with the homeschool group tonight. I'll try to post more about it later, but for now I leave you with these cute pictures! (yes, she's wearing a pink gown....not the school colors or the one she'll be wearing tonight but the one she picked out for a 'keepsake':)......cause we all know there's nothing like the color pink!)

May 10, 2011

Happy 6th Birthday!

It's hard to believe that we're celebrating 6 years of her life today, but here are some pictures I wanted to share of Delancey growing up. She is loving, sweet, and fiercely independent and we are so proud of the young lady she's becoming. I pray that the Lord will use her life for great things. Her biggest ambition is to become a wife and mother and I tell her that nothing could be greater! I'm very thankful for May 10, 2005.....the day God blessed us to become her parents. Happy Birthday to our first baby girl! Hope you enjoy the pictures. ( which are in reverse order for some reason!)

February ' grown up!

May '10...princess birthday party

April '09...the little cowgirl

January '08 (the broken arm!)

October '07...always a princess!

June '06...just turned one!

July '05...first pictures

May 9, 2011

Busy, busy, BUSY!!

Well, the craziness has not stopped since we got home last Monday! Here's a (hopefully) short rundown on what we've been up to.

~ Tuesday we tried to rest up and recuperate from the trip. Between my allergies and something triggering my dysautonomia symptoms again I was shot! And everyone else was too I think so it was nice just to have a day of taking it easy.

~ Wednesday we had graduation practice for Delancey and ended up staying there awhile. That took up alot of the day other than just doing a few things around the house before and after going. I'm sure the actual program will go smoothly but practices are always a little nerve-wracking...especially since I'm trying to play the piano for it!

~ Thursday started out with us planning to get some more stuff done around the house and focusing especially on the overwhelming piles of laundry! A homeschool friend called asking us to keep a couple of their kids that night while they traveled to Birmingham for surgery the next day so that added more craziness into the mix. :) We were glad to help out though and managed to get a good bit done before they were dropped off that evening.

~ Friday of course mostly consisted of watching 5 kiddos and trying to maintain some amount of order to the house at the same time. (ha!) The day went good for the most part though and the kids had a blast playing. That night we took them home and made a quick run to Hobby Lobby to pick up a couple of things for mother's day.

~ Saturday we ate breakfast and picked up around the house some. We had made plans to take Delancey with some friends to a Cinderella play in Huntsville, which was cancelled the weekend before and then rescheduled due to the storms. After getting everyone dropped off, picked up, we headed to Bridge Street (the outdoor mall) for some pizza and icecream then off to the show! It was great and the kids all had so much fun. A great idea for something to do in place of a regular birthday party! Unfortunately being around more smells, etc had my allergies in horrible shape plus also triggered a migraine type headache so needless to say I had a rough night afterwards. But it was still worth it!

~ Sunday we had a slow start since I was still feeling so bad. Thankfully mom and dad had already invited us over for lunch so I didn't have to worry about doing much. We ended up just going over there and staying part of the day with the kids playing and me mostly laying around. We had a good day overall was good to just spend the day taking it easy with family. I'm so blessed to have the mother I do and be a mother to my own 3.

That's about it I guess. This week is gearing up to be just as busy with Delancey turning 6 tomorrow and then graduating from kindergarten on Thursday. I have a couple more post I want to work on (with pictures!) but who knows when or if I'll actually get around to it?! I'll try to check back in soon though, if nothing else just to keep a record of all the stuff these kiddos are doing while they grow up so fast. Until then....

May 4, 2011

Talk About Crazy!

As I'm sure most of you already have heard or seen....things have been in an uproar here in north Alabama the past week since the tornadoes. We are so thankful to have not gotten any damage to our home or losses in our families, but also heartbroken for those in our state who did. We were without power for about 5 days and Blake just returned to work today for the first time since last Wednesday. Although they have most power restored some of those in the hardest hit areas are still without. And of course are suffering in much greater ways as well.
We chose to just leave home for a few days since we were not at all prepared to be without power here at home, especially with a baby! Due to us not being able to get alot of information before heading out we ended up kinda following the direction of the storms so it was challenging to find a place to stay. Once we realized it was going to be several days before power was restored we ended up driving to Ky and staying in a lakehouse owned by some friends of ours.

It was nice in some ways to be away and have a place to stay with power, but challenging in others what with our allergies and things. But every time something was a little difficult I tried to remember how much worse it could have been for us during the storms and how blessed we were to only have some inconvenience in our lives for a few days rather than suffering through loss or damages. We are very thankful to be back home and are hoping to be able to find something to do to help others who were not so fortunate.

Please be in prayer for all of those whose lives were affected by these storms. And don't forget to be grateful for your home and family today, instead of taking the little things for granted as we so often do! I'll try to post more soon about what's going on around here these days. Until then....