May 19, 2011

Story of a Kitten

As strange as it may seem this story is tied into what happened a few weeks ago due to the storms that hit our area. But instead of it being one that's negative, it's actually quite the opposite! So here's a little something that occurred in those days that might actually make you smile. :)

I had mentioned before that we went out of town for a few days due to being unprepared for an extended loss of electricity. My parents went with us for part of that time as well before going back home to pack up for a trip they were taking next week. The morning after they arrived back at their house my mom kept hearing something that sounded like it came from under the floor. The more she heard it the more she thought it sounded like an that seemed like a kitten. My dad was skeptical after her telling him due to the fact there was really no possible way for anything to have gotten under the house by itself. He had checked and replaced all the vent covers, etc just a few days prior to all of this. She finally convinced him to go look though and sure enough....a baby kitten was found! Although crying and hungry it seemed to be otherwise fine and definitely didn't look like it had been under there for several days.

So the big mystery that none of us have yet figured out in the world did it get under there??!! It's the question that has us totally stumped and in all honesty will probably never be answered since there's really just no way of knowing what happened while they were gone. It is now a permanent part of the family (although I have to steer WAY clear of it when I'm around due to being highly allergic) and the kids are loving it. Mom bottle fed it for awhile and it's now eating canned food like a champ and growing like a weed. Delancey especially has adopted it as her own and can hardly be dragged away from it when they go to visit. Now the next question is.....what are they going to name it? :) Considering the circumstances the ones being tossed around the most are Stormy, Tornado, or Twister.  There's been a couple of regular ones too but I think they're mostly leaning towards one of the others. So be sure to leave a comment and let us know which one you like the best to help us decide!!

Well, there's our "happy" storm story. Hope you enjoyed hearing about the newest family member! And because I know you're probably's a picture of what it looks like too. :)


  1. So I'm less interested in how it got there and more interested in where's the rest of the kittens and where's the momma cat? Hummmmm....
    My girls would be so excited! Hope Darcey enjoys. I vote for Stormy as a name.

  2. Awwwwww, what a little sweetie! :)


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