May 27, 2011

It's Been Real

Real life around here that is! The past couple of weeks have been a little rough with me having some health issues flair up pretty bad and Darcey being extra fussy alot of days as well. Which of course leads to it being hard to care for her and in turn not being able to care as much for the older two kids as I'd like to. None of us have slept very well either so that just makes things worse of course. I could be all pious at this point and act like I've been dealing with it in total acceptance, patience, and grace....but that wouldn't be quite true. So I'm just keeping it real today and admitting it's been hard! And I'm more than a little tired and ready for a break. That being said though, there has been some bright spots in the midst of it all as well......

Like Delancey making me feel better cards and bringing me little gifts while I lay down.
Or Dathan cleaning off the entire table including putting away the leftover food after supper....without being asked to.
Blake doing more than his fair share to help out in the evenings while he's home from work because he knows I feel bad.
Darcey babbling her first word (bye-bye), scooting across the floor, and pulling funny faces that make us laugh.
Delancey asking me to pray for her because she was scared and couldn't go to sleep...then telling me the next morning that she fell asleep almost as soon as she got back in the bed. She was so excited about God answering what we asked for!
Dathan walking out each morning to get the newspaper, reading the comics, and then working hard to make his own.
Trying to teach Blake how to play the piano. :) 

Wow, going back and thinking about all the good stuff that happened the past few days makes me realize that maybe that weren't totally awful after all! Now if I can just figure out something to do for these stinking health Hope you all have a fabulous holiday weekend.

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