June 6, 2011

Getting Around...

Our Darcey girl has been busy the past few weeks! It's hard to believe how fast she is growing and all the things she can already do, but the proof is impossible to deny. :)

She loves to get around. Which is why she quickly has gone from sitting up, to raising onto her hands n knees, to scoot-crawling across the floor, to perfecting the actual crawling technique, and finally just this weekend.........

....standing up in the bed by herself!! Look at how pleased she is. lol Totally thinks she's something....and so do we actually!! :) She is an absolute handful sometimes but also so much fun. I'm pretty sure it won't be too long before the pulling up turns into letting go and then full out walking. Definitely following in her big sister's footsteps it looks like as an early walker. Now if we can just somehow keep her from all that climbing Delancey likes to do...... ;)

Oh, and for the record this weekend also included going to get a bigger bed. As you can see we have used the convenience of the co-sleeper for as long as possible! ((sigh)) Although those first few months were rough and seemed impossibly long, now it seems like her baby days are just flying by. So I guess I better enjoy them while I can! 

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