March 30, 2012

Crazy, Busy Days!

So I think this past week (and the month of March in general) has pretty much flown by! It seems crazy that we're getting ready to welcome in April, but here it is anyway. :-)

We've had all kinds of stuff going on around here to make the time pass though. Doctor and chiropractor appointments to go to, a surprise visit from a missionary friend who was passing through, gardening with grandma and padaw for the first time this year, and volunteer work at Choose Life. Whew, no wonder this week went by so quickly!

We also did a spontaneous ultrasound while I was volunteering last night to try and predict the baby's gender a little sooner than next week. The plan was to have a reveal party on Saturday, but we aren't 100% sure of what it is so may end up waiting to confirm before celebrating. For now let's just say that we are anxiously awaiting to see! :-)

Allergies, headaches, and some trouble sleeping has been the not so fun part of the past few days for me. As well as dealing with some health issues for the kiddos too. Prayers for all of us would be appreciated in that area for sure! It can get hard sometimes not to worry and fret, especially over things that seem so out of our control. But I think the Lord is trying to teach me to just trust Him more. With everything. No matter what. It's definitely a lesson that is a struggle for me, but also one I long to truly learn. I so need the peace that comes along with that. So thankful for His patience and grace towards us while we go through things and seek to find Him in it. It's amazing how He never gives up on me! 

Well, there's a little update of our life this week. Always craziness of course with the 3 D's. But I think I kinda like it that way. :-) Be sure to check back in for baby news soon....

March 25, 2012

Best Thing In the World!

Last Sunday started out as pretty much a regular day. Most of us were still sick so staying home and resting was the plan. We enjoyed family devotions and worship time together that morning (although singing was hilarious with our hoarse, croaky voices. haha) and then just took it easy the rest of the day.

Between the time change and being sick the kids have had even more trouble getting to sleep than usual so bedtime was a little late. I was sitting in the living room when Dathan walked back in saying he had been laying in bed thinking about getting saved but he wasn't sure if he was really ready or it was definitely God speaking to his heart. He had asked alot of questions recently and been pretty bothered about the idea of being lost but once we would talk some and pray he would say he just didn't feel like it was time.

But this time was definitely different! As we started to talk some he suddenly held up his hand to stop me and said, "momma, I just need to pray." He was so broken and prayed so sincerely and then seemed to have such a change come over him. We talked some more and he said that he wasn't sure what being saved should feel like and that he just wanted to be sure it was real. We told him that was where believing and trusting came in and that there wouldn't always be a feeling. He said that his heart had been so scared and heavy before he prayed and then afterward there was just peace there. We told him that sounded like exactly how we would describe what the Lord does for you! :-)

It was an amazing time of seeing him so happy to be born again. And such a blessing to rejoice and praise God together! I definitely think there isn't anything better in this world than to see one of your children come to know the Saviour. We are so thankful for God's grace and goodness on our family. It's been great to see little differences in him throughout the week as well.....and to hear him say today was his one week "birth day". I hope he doesn't lose that excitement over what God has done for him. And that it causes us as parents to even more dilegently seek to be the Christians we need to be for our children!

March 16, 2012

Hanging in There! {I think}

It has definitely been some more week around here! Allergies galore and what must have turned into something viral maybe for at least a couple of the kiddos. Poor Darcey had a high fever for a couple days and has just felt rotten. Everyone else has the coughing, congestion, and runny nose as well. We all still sound horrible today but the kids at least seem to have more energy and are feeling better. I'm sure it will take awhile for all the yucky stuff to totally clear up. 

I can't believe how early it's gotten so warm here and caused all the spring allergies to kick in this year. They are already way worse than normal! But seriously, 80 degree weather at this point in March is just slightly unusual....even for the south. I'm definitely hoping they don't last the entire season since we've already been dealing with them for a few weeks now. Talk about a miserable few months! I may be tempted to escape to the ocean somewhere for awhile since I always clear up there. :)

Between sickness, pregnancy, and lack of sleep, things have been just a little helter-skelter. To say the least. Crazy days, long nights, and a messy house have kinda gotten on everyone's nerves. It's no wonder we named this blog what we did! :) But in the middle of all the craziness have been the good moments too. Sweet snuggling with our baby girl, drawing pictures with our awesome artist son, and a lovely back-rub from our middle girl after she heard me mention it was hurting. And best of all, answered prayers and the grace of God....that we are so undeserving of! 

So yeah I think the title of this post was right. Rough as it's been, we're definitely still hanging in there! :)

March 7, 2012

Some Things We Do For Allergies

As most of you probably know we are a family with allergies. Lots of allergies. I can't think of much out there that one or the other of us haven't reacted to at one time or another. On top of a variety of things we're sensitive too, there's also a variety of ways we react. Yeah, it's not just your average runny nose kind of thing. (which we do as well and is frustrating too....but sometimes preferable to other reactions) I won't get into alot of details there but suffice it to say we deal with this stuff on a daily basis around here. And while it can be hard and rather overwhelming at times, we've managed to learn a few things over the years that seem to help keep them a little more under control. All of which are natural alternatives to meds since we just happen to be overly sensitive to those as well. :)
This list will by no means be exhaustive but maybe it will help give someone else a few useful ideas on dealing with allergies too. So here goes......

Homeopathics, Herbs, etc.
~ Heel/BHI brand: We like to use the tablets since they easily melt in the kids' mouth. They have lots of different things to choose from though. Our favorites are the allergy tabs, body pure tabs (which help with environmental/chemical allergies), and sinus tabs. You can sometimes find them at health food stores but we usually order from this site to ensure we get what we want.

~ KingBio brand: This is liquid that you spray straight into your mouth. (another easy one for the kids!) My mom stumbled across this at a health food store last year and I've used it (mostly in fall or winter) ever since. The main one we've tried is the regional/seasonal's a formula made specifically for different areas of the usa, according to the particular allergens there. Awesome! I also just ordered some for chemical/food allergies that I'm hoping helps tone those down for us some as well. Here's the website if you want to check those out.  

~ Native Remedies: This is a brand that we've used several different products in (besides just allergy stuff) and have liked pretty much all of them I think. The two we like best for allergy attacks are the SOS hista drops and the Allergiclear tablets. They can be taken together and really seem to head off an attack rather well. Some products are for all ages (you can adjust the dosage) and some are only adults so make sure you check that out if you decide to order. Here's the website for their products. 

The first two companies are mainly homeopathics while the last one uses herbs as well. All the products are natural, safe, and we've never experienced any kind of negative side effects to anything we've tried. (which is saying alot since we react to everything! lol) You can also safely take them while pregnant (altho obviously there are some herbs that you can't) so that's an added bonus for me at the moment!

I had planned to share some other things we do around the house as well but I think since this post ended up being a little longer than I thought that I'll save that for another time. Hope you enjoyed learning this info and be sure to check back for future posts on this subject! :-)