March 16, 2012

Hanging in There! {I think}

It has definitely been some more week around here! Allergies galore and what must have turned into something viral maybe for at least a couple of the kiddos. Poor Darcey had a high fever for a couple days and has just felt rotten. Everyone else has the coughing, congestion, and runny nose as well. We all still sound horrible today but the kids at least seem to have more energy and are feeling better. I'm sure it will take awhile for all the yucky stuff to totally clear up. 

I can't believe how early it's gotten so warm here and caused all the spring allergies to kick in this year. They are already way worse than normal! But seriously, 80 degree weather at this point in March is just slightly unusual....even for the south. I'm definitely hoping they don't last the entire season since we've already been dealing with them for a few weeks now. Talk about a miserable few months! I may be tempted to escape to the ocean somewhere for awhile since I always clear up there. :)

Between sickness, pregnancy, and lack of sleep, things have been just a little helter-skelter. To say the least. Crazy days, long nights, and a messy house have kinda gotten on everyone's nerves. It's no wonder we named this blog what we did! :) But in the middle of all the craziness have been the good moments too. Sweet snuggling with our baby girl, drawing pictures with our awesome artist son, and a lovely back-rub from our middle girl after she heard me mention it was hurting. And best of all, answered prayers and the grace of God....that we are so undeserving of! 

So yeah I think the title of this post was right. Rough as it's been, we're definitely still hanging in there! :)

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