April 25, 2011

6 Months Old!

I honestly cannot believe what I just wrote as a title. Has it really been six months since our baby girl was born?! Seems impossible and yet here it is and I can't deny how big she's gotten or all the things she's started doing. Some days when I look at all the kids I just want to stop time for awhile and not let them grow up so fast. But that's part of life and I guess I need to just do my best to enjoy them in the moment! Here's some things that's going on with Darcey.....

She has filled out so much and now weighs about a whopping 19 pounds! Her 6 months clothes are already getting too small and although I first thought she wouldn't be able to wear Delancey's hand-me-downs this summer because the seasons/sizes were off, I think she just might prove me wrong. Which is a good thing since we won't have to buy as much now! :)

She can sit up for a few minutes at a time on her own, although it seems to cause her reflux to flare up a bit from the pressure on her stomach. I think she prefers laying down so she can roll over, scoot, and attempt to crawl. If I'm not mistaken she'll be figuring it out pretty soon! She also likes to stand up while being held in our laps or sitting on the floor. I'm thinking she's gonna be another early walker like Delancey. And boy will I have my hands full then! :)

We've been giving her baby food a couple of times a day now for a few weeks, but it seems to be causing some stomach issues so I'm not sure what to try. It's so challenging to figure out what to feed them when they have allergies and reflux to deal with. So for now she might just mostly keep getting formula until her stomach can adjust a little better. She's also trying to cut some teeth so that probably effects things as well. One good thing about them getting older is they can actually tell you what's wrong instead of having to guess so much! But that being said, I really am not in a hurry to have her grow up.....it's pretty nice having a baby around the house. :)

So there's a little bit about our Darcey girl. All in all, she is a sweetheart who loves attention and never fails to make us smile. We're all more than glad to have her in the family, in spite of how hard some of the past few months have been. Until later..... 

April 18, 2011

How Could I Forget?!

In my rush to finish my former post and also due to mistakenly thinking there wasn't a whole to share from last week anyway, this one bit of news totally slipped my mind! So here I am again to share what actually was a pretty big deal. To us, that is. We bought a car! (yeah, I'm chalking this one up to a lack up sleep since I've gotten hardly any of that lately. not sure what else could explain me forgetting something like that. lol) But anyway here's the story for those of you who are interested....

As I may have already mentioned, Blake wrecked his truck on his way to work in the ice/snow storm that happened on my birthday in February. Thankfully he wasn't hurt and the truck was still driveable with most of the damage just being cosmetic. He had already been thinking about getting a smaller car to drive to work that would be better on gas since his truck was paid for as of December. (are we the only ones who have that kind of luck?!) Anyway, so after getting the insurance money he prayed about it and felt pretty good about just putting that towards getting something else and just keeping the truck as is to haul stuff or whatever. Then started the search for a car we could afford, which has been going on pretty much ever since. And although we found several things just never seemed to work out for any of them. He was telling me this past Monday that he was discouraged and kinda tired of looking for something. So the next morning I was thinking about him being so down and trying to pray. Then I thought I'd just look on craigslist and see if anything new showed up since I hadn't really helped with the actual searching much yet. To my surprise I found what sounded like a good deal and alot like what Blake was wanting. I quickly emailed and gave them his number then texted him about it. He was able to see it that day and although we almost expected it to turn out like some of the other 'too good to be true' deals we'd tried, it wasn't! (yeah, my believing and trusting after asking could use some work) He prayed about it while test driving it as well and felt like it was the one he should get. Yay!!
I'm so thankful that the Lord answered prayers and Blake is extremely relieved that he doesn't have to car shop anymore... at least for awhile hopefully!  And now we're looking forward to all that extra money we'll save on gas too. :)

Here's What's New (or not)

Okay, so actually there's not a ton of new stuff going on from this past week. Maybe that means this will actually be a shorter post? Guess we'll see....I seem to have a tendency to write long ones regardless. lol

We had a couple rainy and/or cooler days so mostly stayed inside for those. The kids tend to start going a little stir crazy and try to run their energy off in the house so we all start wishing for warmer, sunny weather to come back quickly! :)

I got a haircut on Wednesday and well, let's just say it didn't turn out quite like I expected. Okay, so it's a terrible haircut actually. I was just trying to sound optimistic. I shouldn't be too surprised really....when it comes to haircuts I don't tend to have the best of luck. Oh, well, at least it grows out. Eventually.

Thursday was a visit from my parents and we spent the day enjoying the sunshine! (well, Darcey and I were in and out some, but it was still nice) Friday we had a field trip to the recycling center, which was fun but a little hard to manage since it was in the morning. It was also stormy so not exactly the best weather to be out in. But the kids had fun so it was worth the effort of getting out. Saturday we made a long overdue visit to see Blake's grandparents. They don't live too far away but it seems we hardly make it over there very often. It was good to make some time for it this weekend though.

Darcey's newest thing is getting up around 5 in the morning so needless to say that isn't much fun. I'm hoping her sleep routine gets better again since she's only getting about 8 hours per night and still waking up every 3 to eat. That's not near enough for her and definitely not enough for me and Blake since we only sleep a little in between all that!

And that's about all we have going on at the moment. I mean, of course there were hundreds of little moments of living in between these few things I've mentioned. With 3 kids there's never very much time when there's not something going on! This week I'm gonna try to make note of all the funny stuff they say and do so I can write a post on that. They never fail to keep me laughing! But that's for another day I guess. Hope you all have a wonderful week.....

April 11, 2011

Flyin' By!

It's hard to believe another week has come and gone, but here it is Monday again so I guess it's true! Here's a little of what we've been up to these past few days.

Visited a local museum that has Spring farm days every year and had fun checking out all the neat things there. Sheep shearing, wool washing, "panning" for gold, and playing a washboard....just to name a few! We've been several times now but the kids still love it and of course this was Darcey's first time to go. She rode in her Moby wrap and did pretty good until we both started sweating. lol

The kids did great with school work, with Dathan doing some extra at times and Delancey catching on to her reading a little more. It's so exciting when they are actually liking to learn! Wednesday was a playgroup with the other homeschoolers so we had fun going out to spend time with everyone. It was good to get a break in the middle of the week.

Darcey is still liking to eat and I'm hoping to figure out a few more things to add in that she'll do well with. It's always challenging to figure out what to give them what with allergies and stomach issues. She definitely is ready for more though and has started fussing and reaching for our food when she realizes we're eating and she's not! :)

Delancey's tooth is soooo loose now and really needs to come out since she has the "shark teeth" growing in behind just like Dathan did. I'm really hoping that hers come forward and straighten up after the baby ones get out of the way like his as well. It makes it hard to pull them when the new ones aren't pushing up underneath, but Dathan's look fine now....just makes for a little more frustration when trying to get them out!

To end the week up we went to a Mickey Mouse magic show with my parents and brother. It was so fun!! We love seeing live shows with the kids and Disney never fails to deliver a good one. Darcey was a little fussy at times what with reacting to the smells, plus just the loudness and darkness but she made it through okay. (Blake and I took turns standing at the exit with her for alot of it) The kids have been putting on their own magic shows ever since so that's been entertaining to say the least! lol

But I guess that about wraps it up! Here's to hoping all of us have another great week this time around too. Until next time...

April 2, 2011

We Made It!

Through this loooong week that is! It has rained or at least been cloudy and dreary every single day. Needless to say we were all more than a little tired of not seeing the sun. It came out for just a few minutes yesterday evening and then all day today and boy were we glad! :)

In other news, I also passed a kidney stone on Tuesday morning so that was a little unexpected. I noticed I was hurting pretty bad on Sunday at times but thought it was just my regular chronic pelvic pain. Then Monday it just came and went but wasn't too severe. Tuesday morning after going to the bathroom I was having so shooting pains every few minutes around my bladder, etc and thought maybe I had an infection, but about an hour later I passed the stone so that was that! Only I could actually do that and not even realize what it was until it was over I think. Guess that just shows how "used" I am to hurting anyway!

As for kid stuff, Darcey has sat up by herself a couple of times this week. And today she tried some baby oatmeal for the first time as well. I'm not real sure if she liked it since after a few bites there was some pretty big shiver motions and funny faces going on. lol I'm sure she'll catch on to the eating thing pretty soon though and eventually find something she likes.
Delancey's loosest tooth is almost ready to come out and she is so excited! It cracks me up that she doesn't even mind wiggling it or thinks it hurts. I think she's just ready to get something for pulling it! :)
Dathan is still growing like a weed, which was obvious yesterday when he put on a like new pair of pants that were about 2 or 3 inches short. He also never ceases to amaze us with how he remembers dates or days on the calender. Whenever we're talking of something either past or future, he can easily call out the day and date that it's on without even looking. Wish I had a memory like that!

But there's a little look at this week. I've unfortunately had a nasty headache since yesterday, but it seems to be a little better so I'm hoping it's going away. I can't wait to see more sunshine tomorrow and hopefully feel good enough to get out in it! Until next time....