April 18, 2011

Here's What's New (or not)

Okay, so actually there's not a ton of new stuff going on from this past week. Maybe that means this will actually be a shorter post? Guess we'll see....I seem to have a tendency to write long ones regardless. lol

We had a couple rainy and/or cooler days so mostly stayed inside for those. The kids tend to start going a little stir crazy and try to run their energy off in the house so we all start wishing for warmer, sunny weather to come back quickly! :)

I got a haircut on Wednesday and well, let's just say it didn't turn out quite like I expected. Okay, so it's a terrible haircut actually. I was just trying to sound optimistic. I shouldn't be too surprised really....when it comes to haircuts I don't tend to have the best of luck. Oh, well, at least it grows out. Eventually.

Thursday was a visit from my parents and we spent the day enjoying the sunshine! (well, Darcey and I were in and out some, but it was still nice) Friday we had a field trip to the recycling center, which was fun but a little hard to manage since it was in the morning. It was also stormy so not exactly the best weather to be out in. But the kids had fun so it was worth the effort of getting out. Saturday we made a long overdue visit to see Blake's grandparents. They don't live too far away but it seems we hardly make it over there very often. It was good to make some time for it this weekend though.

Darcey's newest thing is getting up around 5 in the morning so needless to say that isn't much fun. I'm hoping her sleep routine gets better again since she's only getting about 8 hours per night and still waking up every 3 to eat. That's not near enough for her and definitely not enough for me and Blake since we only sleep a little in between all that!

And that's about all we have going on at the moment. I mean, of course there were hundreds of little moments of living in between these few things I've mentioned. With 3 kids there's never very much time when there's not something going on! This week I'm gonna try to make note of all the funny stuff they say and do so I can write a post on that. They never fail to keep me laughing! But that's for another day I guess. Hope you all have a wonderful week.....

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