April 25, 2011

6 Months Old!

I honestly cannot believe what I just wrote as a title. Has it really been six months since our baby girl was born?! Seems impossible and yet here it is and I can't deny how big she's gotten or all the things she's started doing. Some days when I look at all the kids I just want to stop time for awhile and not let them grow up so fast. But that's part of life and I guess I need to just do my best to enjoy them in the moment! Here's some things that's going on with Darcey.....

She has filled out so much and now weighs about a whopping 19 pounds! Her 6 months clothes are already getting too small and although I first thought she wouldn't be able to wear Delancey's hand-me-downs this summer because the seasons/sizes were off, I think she just might prove me wrong. Which is a good thing since we won't have to buy as much now! :)

She can sit up for a few minutes at a time on her own, although it seems to cause her reflux to flare up a bit from the pressure on her stomach. I think she prefers laying down so she can roll over, scoot, and attempt to crawl. If I'm not mistaken she'll be figuring it out pretty soon! She also likes to stand up while being held in our laps or sitting on the floor. I'm thinking she's gonna be another early walker like Delancey. And boy will I have my hands full then! :)

We've been giving her baby food a couple of times a day now for a few weeks, but it seems to be causing some stomach issues so I'm not sure what to try. It's so challenging to figure out what to feed them when they have allergies and reflux to deal with. So for now she might just mostly keep getting formula until her stomach can adjust a little better. She's also trying to cut some teeth so that probably effects things as well. One good thing about them getting older is they can actually tell you what's wrong instead of having to guess so much! But that being said, I really am not in a hurry to have her grow up.....it's pretty nice having a baby around the house. :)

So there's a little bit about our Darcey girl. All in all, she is a sweetheart who loves attention and never fails to make us smile. We're all more than glad to have her in the family, in spite of how hard some of the past few months have been. Until later..... 

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