April 11, 2011

Flyin' By!

It's hard to believe another week has come and gone, but here it is Monday again so I guess it's true! Here's a little of what we've been up to these past few days.

Visited a local museum that has Spring farm days every year and had fun checking out all the neat things there. Sheep shearing, wool washing, "panning" for gold, and playing a washboard....just to name a few! We've been several times now but the kids still love it and of course this was Darcey's first time to go. She rode in her Moby wrap and did pretty good until we both started sweating. lol

The kids did great with school work, with Dathan doing some extra at times and Delancey catching on to her reading a little more. It's so exciting when they are actually liking to learn! Wednesday was a playgroup with the other homeschoolers so we had fun going out to spend time with everyone. It was good to get a break in the middle of the week.

Darcey is still liking to eat and I'm hoping to figure out a few more things to add in that she'll do well with. It's always challenging to figure out what to give them what with allergies and stomach issues. She definitely is ready for more though and has started fussing and reaching for our food when she realizes we're eating and she's not! :)

Delancey's tooth is soooo loose now and really needs to come out since she has the "shark teeth" growing in behind just like Dathan did. I'm really hoping that hers come forward and straighten up after the baby ones get out of the way like his as well. It makes it hard to pull them when the new ones aren't pushing up underneath, but Dathan's look fine now....just makes for a little more frustration when trying to get them out!

To end the week up we went to a Mickey Mouse magic show with my parents and brother. It was so fun!! We love seeing live shows with the kids and Disney never fails to deliver a good one. Darcey was a little fussy at times what with reacting to the smells, plus just the loudness and darkness but she made it through okay. (Blake and I took turns standing at the exit with her for alot of it) The kids have been putting on their own magic shows ever since so that's been entertaining to say the least! lol

But I guess that about wraps it up! Here's to hoping all of us have another great week this time around too. Until next time...

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