November 27, 2014

Great Black Friday Deals!!

I realize it's been forever since I last wrote but with all the craziness of life right now blogging just isn't a huge priority (not to mention that I'm usually so tired that my brain can't think of what to write! lol). I did want to pop in and share a couple of Black Friday deals that I'm excited about! I would love if you could shop my links to each one and help our family out in a small way. Plus, you get to stay warm and cozy at home in your pjs while doing it! :-)

Have y'all heard of Usborne books yet? Well, if you haven't then you definitely need to check them out! We discovered them a couple months ago and the kids are loving the ones we have so far! They have fun, unique products for all ages. And I'm seriously not just saying that, we REALLY do like everything we've gotten from there! So go here to browse and shop:  and let me know if you have any questions about anything. Oh, and did I mention that you can get up to 60% off from now until Monday? Yeah, it's a pretty good deal.
Next up is Lilla Rose, which if you've read the blog before have already heard about. But in case you don't know or need to hear it again, I love their hair products!! The favorite and best seller is the flexi clip which is super unique and can be used for so many different hairstyles. You seriously need one. Or four. Ha! Their hair sticks are and hairbands are great too and well, you just really will like whatever you try from there. Promise. So here's the link for that: and if you have any questions about sizing or anything please let me know! And here is a graphic with info about their fabulous Black Friday deals as well. Don't miss out!
These side businesses are a small way to help out with family finances but in all honesty I truly do just love the products and want to share them with others that I think will enjoy them too! Happy shopping and hope you all have a great weekend!