July 25, 2011

Where to Start?!

It's been awhile but I can honestly say I have a valid reason for not blogging lately since things have been a little crazy around here the past few weeks. Let's just say that I will not be sorry to see the month of July pass and am definitely hoping that August proves to be, um, less eventful. But before you think me crazy for wishing away more of this quickly passing summer here's a run down of what our lives have looked like recently to help you understand.....

Starting off the month with me having some extra health issues, company coming down, and our air conditioner going out at home. Then next was Dathan getting some kind of weird bacteria or virus with a huge knot behind his ear that was slightly scary. Had to see the doctor and take antibiotic which isn't my favorite thing for the kids to do, especially when we weren't even sure it would help! 
Blake had to work tons of overtime on something so couldn't be home much at all (and when he was sometimes still had to bring his computer with him.....and work). Darcey was teething and fussy in the middle of all of this which made for long days and even longer nights. 
Then I go to the grocery store on the weekend and a can falls on my foot of all things and I can hardly walk around for a couple of days. I actually still have one toe that has a really bad cut on it which I'm starting to question if it's going to heal up right. Is it normal for it to still hurt and feel kinda numb on the end?! (Nevermind. Don't answer that!)

Moving on to last week and I had plans to get a haircut on last Tuesday evening while Blake took the kids to play. They ended up at Chic-fil-a where they have an indoor playground which was perfect of course since it's so hot here. Well, it would have been perfect if Delancey hadn't jumped from a certain part of said playground and horribly break her arm. Yeah, it was not pretty...to say the least. Follow that up with a trip to the ER that night and the orthopedic doctor on Thursday who informed us she had to be put to sleep to set the bone. What?! They assured us it was no big deal and she'd never remember anything once they gave her a little gas to breath. Um, yeah, that might have been true IF they hadn't abruptly came and took her away by herself in another room down a long hallway with no meds of any kind to help settle her nerves or any kind of warning so that we could help prepare her for actually leaving us to go with strangers that were going to hurt her, while still wide awake! Let's just say that it was a traumatic experience that she's having a hard time getting over and will probably never forget. And Blake and I are beating ourselves up for not being quick enough to actually step in and do something about it! Ugh. Sometimes it would be so nice if we had a rewind button for this parenting thing, wouldn't it?! Honestly though it breaks my heart to hear her talk about what she went through and to know that I should've done more to prevent it from being that bad. Definitely a lesson learned in how important it is to speak up for myself and/or my kids when something is going on I don't like!

To top off this crazy 'tale of woe' let me just quickly add that our van is also in the shop being worked on because the air is messed up in it as well! The worst part about that being we just replaced the compressor and all other parts a few months ago and although it had a warranty the company isn't being very cooperative in honoring it so it's just a big hassle. Needless to say, we don't need that kind of stress on top of everything else at the moment!

You know the saying, "when it rains it pours"? I can definitely relate to whoever said that at the moment.....it has seemed like one thing after another these past few weeks! But I keep reminding myself (over and over again some days) that things could be so much worse and that we still have so much in our lives to be thankful about. Not the least of which that we have a wonderful Saviour who loves us and that we can turn to when things around us are falling apart. If I had nothing else to boast in today, it would be that I'm His child and He is always faithful to me and my family.

So anyway there's our story for the past month. What have you all had going on?! I sincerely hope your stories are a little less eventful than ours, for your sanities sake! :) I would love to hear about them though, eventful or not, so please share. Until next time.......

July 14, 2011

Things I Love {Thursday}

Just for fun (and because I've been thinking about how extremely blessed I am yet so many times ungrateful) I thought I'd share a few things around here that I love so much. So here goes the list......

~Bright blue skies and vivid green grass as the hot, summer sun shines across them in the morning.

~Happy kids laughing as they play and use their imagination.

~Baby squeals and new words as she learns to talk and make herself heard.

~A daddy singing to his baby as he bounces her to sleep at night.

~Little boy jokes that always make me smile and sometimes laugh out loud.

~Little girl hugs and kisses while she whispers "I love you, momma" in my ear.

~Knowing that I'm a child of God and He never gives up on me, no matter what.

What kind of things do you love today? I would really enjoy hearing about them!

July 7, 2011

Holiday Weekend Fun! (and the not so fun)

Our 4th of July was interesting this year...to say the least! We started off having friends from TN come down on Friday. Then Saturday we had a big breakfast and just messed around the house for the most part. That afternoon we watched a movie and starting commenting on how hot it was getting inside, only to realize that our air conditioner wasn't working! We called the guy to come out and check it while we went out to eat but he informed us that he couldn't get the part for it until after the holiday was over. Needless to say we were not very happy! It wasn't terribly bad that first night but the next day and night the heat became almost unbearable. Dathan and I both ended up with a bad headache and being so hot while hurting like that was just torture. We felt so bad that it happened while we had people over too! They were great about it though and we managed to still have a good time....in spite of all the sweating. lol

Monday morning they headed out to visit family for the 4th and we left soon after to stay at my parents until the air was fixed. It was wonderful to be somewhere cool for a little while! We had a fun day swimming, sleeping, and eating, then went out to watch a fireworks show that night. Thankfully our air is now fixed and cooler than ever! Needless to say, although we enjoyed the time spent with friends and family this year it is definitely an Independence Day we don't want to repeat again. :-) That being said, here are some pictures to enjoy of the funner parts of the weekend......or not actually! Sorry but my camera and computer aren't cooperating with the idea of pictures at the moment so I will have to post those later. Until then I hope you all had a great holiday and are enjoying this summer that is flying by so quickly!