December 16, 2012

Christmas Fun!

Last weekend we finally got a chance to go get a Christmas tree! This job tends to be a little challenging for us since we all have so many allergies (including a severe one to artificial greenery. fun.) but luckily none of us are sensitive to a Leland Cypress and a couple of tree farms around here have those. Yay! We were lucky enough to find the perfect tree within just a few minutes of getting there. (which was good since Daxton started screaming his head off right after that and wouldn't stop! I think he was reacting to the smells of the other trees...they were so strong. Poor baby.) Of course in all that craziness I didn't manage to get any pictures of the outing. Which is kinda sad with it being Daxton's first tree. :(

But I did snap a few of the kids decorating it later so here are some of those for you all to see.....
(getting the ornaments out)
 (delancey hanging some on the tree)
 (dathan getting ready to put the tree skirt on)

 (daxton was just taking it easy while the others helped decorate)

 (the finished product!)
 (sweet sisters looking at the tree all lit up)

The kids had so much fun decorating this year and were able to do most of it by themselves this time! That makes it more special than any kind of fancy tree I could do on my own. :-) So there's our 2012 Christmas tree. What kind of decorating have y'all done around your houses?

December 2, 2012

Our First Baby Boy~Growing Up (late birthday post)

If you read my last post, then you were forewarned about me blogging some "old" news. And if you didn't then I guess here's your warning now. Ha! Things have been so crazy around here since August that the few posts I've written have been mostly baby related so I decided to do a little catch up. The first one being about Dathan's birthday since it fell right in the middle of the craziest days before birth. So here we go....

You probably remember the story about me crashing his party (that we tried to have early enough for that not to happen!) by going into labor due to a uti. Yeah, so let's just say we didn't get any good pictures or anything since I left in such a rush. Which I am still kicking myself over cause it was the neatest theme ever. He chose to do police stuff (inspired by the movie Courageous) and it turned out awesome! (if I do say so myself) Oh, well, at least we have the memories of what would have been a great party, right?! I did get a couple pics of him opening presents at the birthing house while we waited to see what was going on with me and the baby.

                      (opening gifts from grandparents and uncle)

                          (trying on the police costume)

Our present for him got left at home so he was able to open it the next day. Wearing his costume again of course. It was a main staple in his wardrobe for a while after first getting it. :-) 

                               (so excited about his gift!)

                            (yeah, he really is this cool in real life;)

A couple weeks later was his actual birthday so we celebrated as a family with him choosing his own food and dessert. This is the picture of him after blowing out his candle. Isn't he the cutest thing ever?! (or maybe I think that because I'm his mom)

There are still days when I can't believe we have a nine year old already. I think especially after having a new one again it's made me wonder where in the world the time has gone? And also realize that it flies by and they are grown before we know it. We've been blessed to have Dathan as our son and it's amazing watching him grow and change into the young man he's becoming.
He bravely deals with all his health issues like a trooper even though he has enough of them to frustrate the strongest of adults. We love his crazy, artistic, athletic, comedic, deep-thinking self more than words can say. Best of all he has a heart to know God, try to do what's right, and work out his relationship with Him. We are thankful of the honor to raise him and so proud to be his parents. I pray that he will have many more birthdays and we will get to see him grow up into a Godly, young man one day!