April 18, 2011

How Could I Forget?!

In my rush to finish my former post and also due to mistakenly thinking there wasn't a whole to share from last week anyway, this one bit of news totally slipped my mind! So here I am again to share what actually was a pretty big deal. To us, that is. We bought a car! (yeah, I'm chalking this one up to a lack up sleep since I've gotten hardly any of that lately. not sure what else could explain me forgetting something like that. lol) But anyway here's the story for those of you who are interested....

As I may have already mentioned, Blake wrecked his truck on his way to work in the ice/snow storm that happened on my birthday in February. Thankfully he wasn't hurt and the truck was still driveable with most of the damage just being cosmetic. He had already been thinking about getting a smaller car to drive to work that would be better on gas since his truck was paid for as of December. (are we the only ones who have that kind of luck?!) Anyway, so after getting the insurance money he prayed about it and felt pretty good about just putting that towards getting something else and just keeping the truck as is to haul stuff or whatever. Then started the search for a car we could afford, which has been going on pretty much ever since. And although we found several things just never seemed to work out for any of them. He was telling me this past Monday that he was discouraged and kinda tired of looking for something. So the next morning I was thinking about him being so down and trying to pray. Then I thought I'd just look on craigslist and see if anything new showed up since I hadn't really helped with the actual searching much yet. To my surprise I found what sounded like a good deal and alot like what Blake was wanting. I quickly emailed and gave them his number then texted him about it. He was able to see it that day and although we almost expected it to turn out like some of the other 'too good to be true' deals we'd tried, it wasn't! (yeah, my believing and trusting after asking could use some work) He prayed about it while test driving it as well and felt like it was the one he should get. Yay!!
I'm so thankful that the Lord answered prayers and Blake is extremely relieved that he doesn't have to car shop anymore... at least for awhile hopefully!  And now we're looking forward to all that extra money we'll save on gas too. :)


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