April 2, 2011

We Made It!

Through this loooong week that is! It has rained or at least been cloudy and dreary every single day. Needless to say we were all more than a little tired of not seeing the sun. It came out for just a few minutes yesterday evening and then all day today and boy were we glad! :)

In other news, I also passed a kidney stone on Tuesday morning so that was a little unexpected. I noticed I was hurting pretty bad on Sunday at times but thought it was just my regular chronic pelvic pain. Then Monday it just came and went but wasn't too severe. Tuesday morning after going to the bathroom I was having so shooting pains every few minutes around my bladder, etc and thought maybe I had an infection, but about an hour later I passed the stone so that was that! Only I could actually do that and not even realize what it was until it was over I think. Guess that just shows how "used" I am to hurting anyway!

As for kid stuff, Darcey has sat up by herself a couple of times this week. And today she tried some baby oatmeal for the first time as well. I'm not real sure if she liked it since after a few bites there was some pretty big shiver motions and funny faces going on. lol I'm sure she'll catch on to the eating thing pretty soon though and eventually find something she likes.
Delancey's loosest tooth is almost ready to come out and she is so excited! It cracks me up that she doesn't even mind wiggling it or thinks it hurts. I think she's just ready to get something for pulling it! :)
Dathan is still growing like a weed, which was obvious yesterday when he put on a like new pair of pants that were about 2 or 3 inches short. He also never ceases to amaze us with how he remembers dates or days on the calender. Whenever we're talking of something either past or future, he can easily call out the day and date that it's on without even looking. Wish I had a memory like that!

But there's a little look at this week. I've unfortunately had a nasty headache since yesterday, but it seems to be a little better so I'm hoping it's going away. I can't wait to see more sunshine tomorrow and hopefully feel good enough to get out in it! Until next time....

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  1. Ouch! I'm sorry to hear about your kidney stone, but I'm glad it's over now!


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