May 4, 2011

Talk About Crazy!

As I'm sure most of you already have heard or seen....things have been in an uproar here in north Alabama the past week since the tornadoes. We are so thankful to have not gotten any damage to our home or losses in our families, but also heartbroken for those in our state who did. We were without power for about 5 days and Blake just returned to work today for the first time since last Wednesday. Although they have most power restored some of those in the hardest hit areas are still without. And of course are suffering in much greater ways as well.
We chose to just leave home for a few days since we were not at all prepared to be without power here at home, especially with a baby! Due to us not being able to get alot of information before heading out we ended up kinda following the direction of the storms so it was challenging to find a place to stay. Once we realized it was going to be several days before power was restored we ended up driving to Ky and staying in a lakehouse owned by some friends of ours.

It was nice in some ways to be away and have a place to stay with power, but challenging in others what with our allergies and things. But every time something was a little difficult I tried to remember how much worse it could have been for us during the storms and how blessed we were to only have some inconvenience in our lives for a few days rather than suffering through loss or damages. We are very thankful to be back home and are hoping to be able to find something to do to help others who were not so fortunate.

Please be in prayer for all of those whose lives were affected by these storms. And don't forget to be grateful for your home and family today, instead of taking the little things for granted as we so often do! I'll try to post more soon about what's going on around here these days. Until then....

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