March 30, 2012

Crazy, Busy Days!

So I think this past week (and the month of March in general) has pretty much flown by! It seems crazy that we're getting ready to welcome in April, but here it is anyway. :-)

We've had all kinds of stuff going on around here to make the time pass though. Doctor and chiropractor appointments to go to, a surprise visit from a missionary friend who was passing through, gardening with grandma and padaw for the first time this year, and volunteer work at Choose Life. Whew, no wonder this week went by so quickly!

We also did a spontaneous ultrasound while I was volunteering last night to try and predict the baby's gender a little sooner than next week. The plan was to have a reveal party on Saturday, but we aren't 100% sure of what it is so may end up waiting to confirm before celebrating. For now let's just say that we are anxiously awaiting to see! :-)

Allergies, headaches, and some trouble sleeping has been the not so fun part of the past few days for me. As well as dealing with some health issues for the kiddos too. Prayers for all of us would be appreciated in that area for sure! It can get hard sometimes not to worry and fret, especially over things that seem so out of our control. But I think the Lord is trying to teach me to just trust Him more. With everything. No matter what. It's definitely a lesson that is a struggle for me, but also one I long to truly learn. I so need the peace that comes along with that. So thankful for His patience and grace towards us while we go through things and seek to find Him in it. It's amazing how He never gives up on me! 

Well, there's a little update of our life this week. Always craziness of course with the 3 D's. But I think I kinda like it that way. :-) Be sure to check back in for baby news soon....

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