April 2, 2012

The Big Day!

Tomorrow is the official ultrasound at the doctor's office! We should be getting a definite on the baby's gender so that we can share the news with everyone. (although as I said before, I think we are like 99% sure already from some of the pics we saw last week!)

The baby and I are both definitely growing. And it's also becoming more active so lots of fun feeling it move around in there. Blake even got to feel his first kick on last Wednesday night....it was so neat to experience that together again! :-) Prayers for my health are still appreciated, as well as lots of praying for this baby to grow well and be born without as many issues as the others. It would be such a blessing to have one who didn't have to suffer quite so much and would be easier to care for. I know God's grace has been sufficient to get us through hard days in the past though so I'm trying to trust that even if He doesn't choose to give us a healthier baby this time that it will still be okay.

Guess that's all for an update at the moment. Can't wait to give you the big news tomorrow!

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