April 19, 2012

Things I Love {Thursday}

It's been awhile since I've taken the time to do one of these posts. But it's definitely not from there being a lack of things to be crazy about around here! So today I'm sharing a few of those lovely things with you all.....

~ Early morning snuggles with Darcey while waiting for the other kiddos to wake up.

~ Sharing verses of scripture with Dathan and Delancey and hearing them ask to be read to out of the Bible every night before falling asleep.

~ Feeling little baby kicks and knowing that Daxton is growing inside me. :-)

~ Actually having enough energy to clean the house some and feeling so accomplished even though I didn't get it all done.

~ Watching the kids act out their own circus performance that Dathan planned for them. And laughing so hard at some of the stuff they come up with.

~ Friends who check in with me pretty much every day just because when they know I'm having a hard time. Not to mention all the prayers they pray on our behalf!

~ Parents who care about us and are always willing to help out when we need it or just like spending time with us even if we don't need something!

~ Practicing new hairstyles on Delancey and seeing how excited she gets when it turns out cute.

~ Hearing Darcey learn new words/phrases and seeing how her own little personality is coming out more and more.

~ Singing and playing the piano either alone or with family. And most of all the times when the Holy Spirit touches my heart through the words of a song.

~ Knowing that God's grace, forgiveness, and love is unconditional, all-sufficient, and never ending. Cause there's so many days I've needed that lately!

Well, there's some of my stuff to love! Hope you enjoyed reading. I would also love to hear you share some things of your own with me so don't forget to leave a comment below. :-)

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