April 5, 2012

Momma News

Since my post yesterday turned into the longest one ever I figured I would just share about what else we found out during the u/s separately. (which I bet ya'll are thankful for after all that reading! haha)
As I said, the baby looked great and seems to be just fine but she saw what looked like my placenta in front of the cervix when checking that out so wanted to do a vaginal u/s as well to make sure. She mentioned that it seemed to be something called placenta previa (which I had heard of but couldn't really remember details about) but that sometimes it looked different when going from a different angle. After doing the second one she concluded that I do indeed have it but it's only marginal which can actually be a good thing since it means it still might fix itself. Otherwise if the condition doesn't improve she said they always just schedule a c-section for delivery. I'm pretty sure my anti-medical, reacts to every kind of thing, hates the thought of surgery self had a mild heart attack when I heard that! (I kid about the anti-medical part. Sort of.  lol)
Anyway, I didn't actually get to see the doctor since I was only there for the u/s and a short check-up with the nurse so there was really no one to answer my gazillion questions about everything. So I of course googled it as soon as I got home to get some more info. (which I would have done anyway actually since I'm always researching what the doctor says. haha) I'm not really sure yet if that was a good or bad thing in this case though since worse case scenario with placenta previa is actually quite terrifying to think about while on the other end in can totally not end up a big deal at all. The latter being good to know and the former not exactly something I probably needed to have on my mind at the moment! 
I won't go into alot of gory details on here but suffice it to say that I am definitely praying for healing and that no further complications come from it. (especially severe ones) I would greatly appreciate your prayers to that affect as well! All kidding aside, I would definitely be willing to have a c-section if I thought it was the best thing for myself and the baby but at this point my hearts desire is still to be able to deliver naturally again so that is what we will hope for until there is reason to believe otherwise. I know God is in control and is completely able to take care of everything if that is His will, as well as also able to give me peace about things if there some reason I need the surgery. I think maybe He is trying to help me learn to just trust Him more lately so I am wanting to do that more than anything rather than worry over something there really isn't much I can do about anyway!
I will be getting checked again and seeing the doctor in a few weeks so please be praying until then and I will be sure to update whenever we find out something new. Thanks so much!

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