April 23, 2012

Maternity Outfits

I don't normally do link-ups since this is mainly just a family blog, but after seeing the Modest Mom's post on facebook about how she'd like more people to write about modesty, wearing skirts, etc then I figured I would join in! (I'm thinking that might have been a run-on sentence? lol)
Anyway, I'm not great at taking pictures of myself but since I'm pregnant we have snapped a couple recently that I thought would work for sharing. Maternity clothes (especially cute, modest ones) are pretty hard to find but maybe this post will give you some idea of things to try. I'm 23 weeks right now and still able to do some outfits that aren't technically maternity so that's what these are. I'll try to take more pictures and share again in the coming weeks when I get more into the actual maternity wear! For now here are the ones I have.... 

This first one is a skirt I bought last year at Burlington Coat Factory and a shirt I've had for awhile now that came from New York and Company. The skirt has an elastic waist so it still fits okay under my growing belly. :) And the shirt is stretchy cotton so there was a little give in it as well, plus it's longer so everything stays covered! (as a side note, the cami underneath isn't quite as high up as I would like....I think my stomach being larger pulled it down more and I didn't realize it until after I wore it for awhile. It didn't show cleavage or anything which is my main concern but would have been nicer if it covered more of my chest I think!)

This second one is super comfy which is great right now of course. Both pieces actually came from Target but I bought them at different times and they just ended up working together. I have a belt that I normally wear with this outfit but it doesn't work very well around my belly at the moment! :) The skirt has the fold-down band at the waist and I think it is probably going to work for most of my pregnancy since there's alot of give there. I did go up a size in this because the material tends to cling a little if it's too tight so I wanted plenty of room. The shirt once again is just cotton and stretchy as well as having good length so it is perfect for growing into. 

I like that I'm still able to wear some of my "regular" clothes this far along in the pregnancy. I'm already wearing a few maternity outfits as well but just haven't gotten pictures of them yet. Hope this helped some of you with ideas on how to wear skirts and/or dress modestly during pregnancy! Be sure to click through the link above to see all the other posts on the link-up. :-)


  1. I was browsing the Modest Mom's link-up and found your blog. What a great post! I love your outfits - very pretty, yet modest, which from what I've seen these days in most maternity departments is a hard thing to come by.
    Many blessings!

  2. Thank you for linking up to Modest Mondays!! I loved your outfits.

  3. Is that Target skirt the one that has diagonal stitching? If so, I have the same exact skirt. I I love that skirt! I was wondering if it would make a good maternity skirt.

  4. I found you over at The Modest Mom; I just found out I'm expecting so I'm all into the modest maternity outfits! Thanks for sharing!

    If you are interested, I'm hosting a pregnancy link-up on my blog starting this Sunday.


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