May 1, 2012

Catching Up

Life has been busy, busy around here and I just realized I haven't posted in a whole week! We traveled to KY for a camp meeting last Wednesday and got home on Friday night.  It was nice to be in the services and hear some great preaching, but I have to admit the trip was a little rough for me. The kids did good on the drive back and forth, especially Darcey who is at that age where sitting still for long is never fun. Dathan's allergies have been a pain lately though and causes some emotional/spiritual problems for him as well so dealing with that was harder when away too. He actually got ready to come back home earlier than we had planned and I can't say I blame him since I know how bad he was feeling! We were glad we took the trip but more than glad to get back home. :-)

Saturday morning I went to a pregnancy class that was put on by a local therapy place. It was fun and very informative, plus they told me I should ask my doctor to write a prescription for therapy to help my chronic neck/shoulder pain and some hip problems I have that get worse when pregnant. Definitely looking forward to trying that and hopefully getting some help!
The rest of Saturday we spent with my parents eating out to celebrate my mom's birthday and then just visiting at their house. We were all super tired from the trip but it was nice to have a relaxing day just taking it easy.

Through the night found me sick with a bad allergy attack so needless to say I didn't rest which ended up for a rough day Sunday. I think the week just caught up with me too after being around so much I was sensitive to, eating different, etc. My dysautonomia had kicked in several times so that had my pretty wiped out too. I mostly just laid around and tried to feel better while Blake helped out with the kiddos. Thankfully he wasn't preaching anywhere and we just had our own devotions here so I could rest.

Today was starting back into a new week with doing a little around the house and getting some school work this morning. My check-up with the OB was this afternoon and I was a little anxious but also ready to find out if there was any change with the placenta previa. Thankfully it has totally moved and everything looked great! Praising the Lord for answering prayers in that area. I appreciate everyone else who prayed as well. And although God had really helped me with it and given me peace over trusting Him, it's still a relief to not have to worry about it anymore.

Tonight we drove over where my Momaw lives and visited with her and my aunt for awhile. We hadn't seen them recently so it was good to enjoy spending some time with them. Finally made it home and got all the kids washed up and into bed. I grabbed a minute to get on here and update but I'm gonna head that way myself now! 

I'll probably do another pregnancy post soon with more specifics and hopefully update a couple more times before we leave to go out of state again this weekend. (yes, we are crazy for taking two trips this close together! haha) In the meantime, prayers for all of our health and especially mine and Dathan's would be greatly appreciated. We really need the Lord to help us with some things that we're struggling with! Thanks so much and now I really am going to bed. :-)


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