May 17, 2012

Things I Love {Thursday}

This is a crazy, busy week around here for us but I wanted to take a minute to share some things I'm loving in the middle of all the other stuff going on.

~ Starting therapy for my hip pain and looking forward to getting some relief hopefully!

~ Sharing scriptures with the kids and us all working to apply it in our every day life.

~ Almost being finished with this school year and looking forward to picking out new curriculum for the next one.

~ Finally having Darcey's 1 year old pictures made even if it is a little later than we planned!

~ Rocking one baby to sleep in my lap and feeling her little elbows in my stomach, while also feeling little elbows poking me from the inside. :-) 

~ Being reminded again about God's grace and forgiveness and how faithful He is no matter what. Also how much I desperately need His help to be a mom to these kiddos and how He always stands ready to give it when I ask!

~ Enjoying the sunshine and playing outside with the kids. Especially drawing all kinds of stuff with sidewalk chalk. :-)

~ Blake getting to little projects around the house that have needed finishing for awhile and kept getting put off while we did other things.

~ Seeing how much Delancey loved getting her ears pierced and how excited she is to start picking out more pairs after they heal up.

~ Planning a birthday party with friends for this weekend and looking forward to how much fun everyone will have!

~ Counting down the days til we meet this little boy growing in my belly. :-)

So there's a few things I'm pretty fond of around here lately! I would love to have you join in and tell me some of your own things. Until next time.....


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