May 15, 2012

Another Pregnancy Update!


Maybe it's just me but it seems like the days between doing these posts are flying by! (of course I have been late in writing some of them so that could be why?) Anyway, here's a couple new things going on with me and Daxton. :-)

How far along: I am 25 weeks, 5 days today. (according to the doctor's guess date)

Weight gain/loss: While I am definitely sure to be in the gain department I haven't even been keeping up with it much here at home. My appointment is next week so guess we will see how I did then. Personally I feel so much bigger this pregnancy, especially in the hips/behind area, but I think that's just because I had some left over weight from last time compared to my other pregnancies.

Symptoms/Medical Stuff: My allergies have been a killer recently and I'm not sleeping too well. Also, I started therapy yesterday since I have some pretty major hip/low back issues that have started interferring with my every day activities. As of right now I'm just sore but really hoping that it will help after going a few times. On a more comical note, my last couple of pregnancies I have gotten more clumsy for some reason and that is totally kicking in right now. Thankfully I haven't dropped anything too important. Yet. Does anyone else do that while expecting?

Prayer Requests: Better health and strength for me as I finish out the pregnancy. Some relief from these allergies would help SO much I think as well as being able to rest better. My glucose test is next week so I'm hoping to pass that. I'm also looking ahead to discussing the kind of birth experience I want with my doctor and the hospital soon so please pray that goes well. I know just having it planned is only the first step and there are no guarantees it will go that way, but I think it will be good to have a plan and then just try to trust the Lord to take care of the rest!

Thoughts from the family: The kids like asking about if he's moving, feeling him, and even telling him goodnight sometimes. It's sweet! Darcey of course isn't sure what all is going on but she will point to my stomach and say baby since she's heard the rest of us talk about it so much. Fun!

Discussion question: Who will be attending the birth? Actually we aren't totally settled on this question at the moment. Obviously my husband will be there and since I'm doing a hospital birth this time it will also be the nurses and doctor but I haven't decided if we may want to hire a doula or not as well. I plan on trying to stay home as long as possible so there might not be a need for someone else being there for extra support, but it's hard to say since we won't really know how things are going to go until it happens! I will definitely keep you update on this decision though.

Well, there's the update for this week! Look forward to next week since I'll have some new info after the checkup. Be sure to click the button at the top to visit the link and read about other ladies who are expecting! :-)


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  1. Tyra - Thanks for linking up!

    I am lifting you up in prayer regarding your health and staying strong for the rest of your pregnancy (and after). I will also pray that the discussion goes well with your doc; I know that can be a little nerve wrecking!



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