May 3, 2012

Road Trip!

We are off to the beach for a couple of days and then on to Orlando to visit Seaworld! Hoping to get left around bedtime tonight so the drive will be easier on the kiddos. (although Dathan is such a bad sleeper he probably won't get alot of rest) We'll be by ourselves at the beach but are meeting up with family afterwards so it should be alot of fun!

You're probably thinking that I'm totally crazy to even consider going so far while pregnant with all the health stuff I have problems with.....and you'd be absolutely right to think so. It is crazy! haha But I'm sure we'll make it through it somehow. I plan on lots of breaks, rest, and if worse comes to worse renting one of the scooters to drive myself around SeaWorld on. Isn't that a scary thought?! lol

I'll be taking lots of pictures to post when we get back and hopefully will have an update of how super fun, relaxing and dare I say easy this trip was! :-) See ya'll soon!


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