May 27, 2012

Week 27 Update!

Time for another update! I'm linking up over at My Joy Filled life again so be sure and click the button at the bottom of the page if you want to read about other ladies in their pregnancy journey. And now for my own news.....

I'm 27 weeks and 3 days along according to the doctor's guess date....27 exactly if we go by mine. :-)

Medical Stuff: Had my 1 hour glucose test on Thursday and it was slightly elevated so of course they want me to do the 3 hour now. Not something I'm looking forward to at all for sure. I also have low iron (which isn't all that unusual for me) so I'll have to work on boosting that up more. They recommend pills of course but since that doesn't agree with my stomach I'll be doing liquid chlorophyll instead. As long as it raises my level that's all that matters to me! As for the glucose stuff I'm already eating better and keeping it regulated myself. Why wait for the test, right? :-)

Symptoms: I'm still having alot of issues with my hips at times. They can be very painful and make walking or basically any activity hard. Pelvic pain/pressure has gotten worse after I'm on my feet much as well. My babies tend to drop and I carry low usually early though so it's pretty normal around this time for me. Not comfortable for sure though! Also seem to be having some weird bladder area pain this past week but I haven't figured out what that could be yet unless it's just from him dropping lower. Really hoping it's not a uti or anything. :-/

Weight Gain: Another 4 lbs at the checkup which means I'm still averaging about 1 a week. I've actually only gained 13 total and if I stay on that track will have gained less than with any of my other pregnancies. But since I started out bigger this time I still feel huge already! My stomach measures pretty much right on target too though so I guess I'm not bigger than I should be or anything. Now if I can just convince my poor, over-stretched skin of that! lol

Sleep: Definitely not getting near enough of that! :-)

Movement: He's a little on the wild side these days. Seems to almost constantly stay busy! I'm wondering if that maybe has something to do with my glucose being a little elevated the past week or so? Or maybe he's just gonna be a little hyper? Let's hope it's the first and he'll settle down some soon. I need the rest now and for sure after he gets here! haha

Family Stuff: The kids still love to talk about the baby and interact with him through my stomach. It's both hilarious and seriously sweet at the same time. Especially Darcey doing things like knocking on me while saying, you in there, baby?! Love it! The older kiddos ask almost daily how much longer it is til he comes and declare that time seems to be passing slowly. I definitely agree. :-)

Discussion Questions: (answering for last week and this week together!) #1~Where will you give birth? Okay, so a week ago I would have said we were about 90% sure we are delivering in the hospital this time, but in the past couple of days we have been seriously talking about changing to a midwife/birth house option. Crazy, huh?! I don't have all the details and we haven't made a final decision about it yet so I will update about that later. Prayers for wisdom in this area would definitely be appreciated in the mean time though!
#2~Are you finding out the gender? I think I probably mentioned this in one of the earlier posts I did but we did find out and it's a boy! We've found out (or tried to) with each of ours so far, the only one we weren't totally sure about being the second. We pretty much expected girl but planned for either just in case. :-)

Well, there's another update for you! Hope you enjoyed reading and don't forget to check back for more news next week. I can't wait to find out and share what we decide! 




  1. Your blog is so cute! I love your outfit in the main picture. I found you through My Joy Filled Life and I am 7 weeks behind you. I was reading your post today thinking, "Oh yeah, that's coming up next." lol

  2. Hi Tyra! Can you believe you are in the third trimester next week? I'm praying for wisdom for you and your hubby. my husband and I really struggled with the where should I deliver question too. We chose the midwife route after my OB said she didn't support natural childbirth. I'm praying that you get some much needed sleep this week!

  3. Tyra - I enjoy reading your updates!! That stinks about the glucose test. I have "failed" the 1-hour a couple times and had to do the 3-hour and passed it, thankfully. Have you had GD in the past?
    I will be praying for your comfort and strength for the remainder of your pregnancy, as well as your birth location. That's pretty exciting; I definitely look forward to hearing what you decide about that!



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