May 9, 2012

Traveling Pregnant, Swimwear, and Other Things

We are finally home after a fun, crazy, loooong trip to Florida! It was nice making memories with the family but let me just say that traveling while pregnant isn't the easiest (or most comfortable) thing in the world. It's nice to be back and spend the day just trying to rest up! I thought I'd share a few things about my pregnancy during the trip this past week, show a picture of my modest, maternity swimwear and whatever else comes to mind. :-)
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First off is a picture of me at the beach where we spent a couple of days. Cute, modest swimwear is hard to find anytime and of course pregnancy only adds to that but I was pretty pleased with this outfit I came up with. The top is a maternity one from Target that I got on sale during my last pregnancy but ended up not using since it was intended for when I would possibly be having a water-birth and that didn't happen. I did choose to wear a black tank top underneath since the back is a little low-cut and I wanted to be more covered. Also the straps were originally unattached and intended to be tied around the neck but I just sewed them on straight since I liked that better than the halter style. The skirt is one I got from Wal-mart last year that is made from swimsuit material. I love it! I've worn the matching bottoms to the swimsuit (which are longish, maternity swimshorts) or just some longer speedo type shorts underneath. Whatever you're comfortable with works! So anyway here's my maternity swimwear.....

Now on to some pregnancy updates for the week:

My dysautonomia symptoms flared up alot on the trip since it was super hot in Florida and my body doesn't regulate it's temperature well. Add all the walking around we did on top of that and my feet were feeling pretty painful at times. Plus just the general pelvic pain/pressure from being up and doing more and sleeping on a different bed made things a little uncomfortable most days. But I made it and didn't do too bad really all things considered.

No particular food cravings at the moment that I can think of. I did want cold stuff to drink and preferred to eat kinda light at times on the trip since we were out in the heat so much.  Oh, I did have an unusual craving for peanut m&m's one day which I did indulge in but kinda regretted afterwards. I can definitely tell that I rarely eat those kind of foods anymore! Actually eating lighter stuff and having fruit, smoothies, etc still sounds pretty good most of the time. I should definitely take advantage of that and eat that kind of stuff since it would be so good for me!

I am pretty much totally in maternity shirts now I guess, although I still have a few skirts I can wear that have some give or elastic in the waist. And maybe a few t-shirts that aren't too fitted. Maternity clothes are definitely the most comfy thing for me now! Which leads me to the fact that I feel and look huge even though I still haven't gained just tons of weight. I really can't imagine growing for 15 more weeks like this but I guess I will get to find out just how much I do in the next few months! :-)

I am starting to look forward to buying some baby stuff and get more ready for this baby's arrival. Also, planning a trip to tour the hospital we plan on giving birth in this time to discuss natural birth options, etc so I'm excited to see how that goes. We would love to do a home birth if it was legal to hire a midwife here but since it isn't we can still hopefully get the best natural birth possible in the hospital.

As for the discussion question about fears on the pregnancy link-up, I think the Lord really helped me deal with alot of fear during my last pregnancy. It was mostly due to health issues for me and the baby. And although I do still occasionally have those same fears this time as well I try to just pray about them and trust the Lord to take care of things. Since I'm not really in control of any of it anyway! I love the verse in Timothy about fear not coming from God and also a verse in Colossians that says to let the peace of God rule in our hearts. It helps me to remind myself that after I pray that I still need to work to just not worry and allow His peace to rule in my heart and mind.

Hope you all enjoyed reading another update! I can't wait to keep on counting down this pregnancy and also posting more pics of the outfits I come up with. Until next time...


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  1. So glad you commented and joined up with the pregnancy link up! I am enjoying so much getting to keep up with other moms who are in the throws of pregnancy right now. You look great! Love your modest swim suit. I had issues with that a couple weeks ago as well - I didn't want to spend any money on something to fit, so I just finagled. I wouldn't have worn it to the beach, but I was ok with just our family at the grandparents pool. Even though they all chuckled at my belly, lol.

  2. Tyra - thanks so much for linking up again!

    I love the modest suit! I'm thankful that I hopefully won't have to deal with that this pregnancy since I'm due at Christmas time!! Like you said, modest bathing suits are difficult to find, especially when pregnant.

    I think that one thing that helps with fears in pregnancy is to have more kids!! It seems the more kids I have, the more at peace I am with the entire process and just knowing God is in control! Praise God that you have this peace and minimal fears!!

    Looking forward to your future updates!!


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