March 25, 2012

Best Thing In the World!

Last Sunday started out as pretty much a regular day. Most of us were still sick so staying home and resting was the plan. We enjoyed family devotions and worship time together that morning (although singing was hilarious with our hoarse, croaky voices. haha) and then just took it easy the rest of the day.

Between the time change and being sick the kids have had even more trouble getting to sleep than usual so bedtime was a little late. I was sitting in the living room when Dathan walked back in saying he had been laying in bed thinking about getting saved but he wasn't sure if he was really ready or it was definitely God speaking to his heart. He had asked alot of questions recently and been pretty bothered about the idea of being lost but once we would talk some and pray he would say he just didn't feel like it was time.

But this time was definitely different! As we started to talk some he suddenly held up his hand to stop me and said, "momma, I just need to pray." He was so broken and prayed so sincerely and then seemed to have such a change come over him. We talked some more and he said that he wasn't sure what being saved should feel like and that he just wanted to be sure it was real. We told him that was where believing and trusting came in and that there wouldn't always be a feeling. He said that his heart had been so scared and heavy before he prayed and then afterward there was just peace there. We told him that sounded like exactly how we would describe what the Lord does for you! :-)

It was an amazing time of seeing him so happy to be born again. And such a blessing to rejoice and praise God together! I definitely think there isn't anything better in this world than to see one of your children come to know the Saviour. We are so thankful for God's grace and goodness on our family. It's been great to see little differences in him throughout the week as well.....and to hear him say today was his one week "birth day". I hope he doesn't lose that excitement over what God has done for him. And that it causes us as parents to even more dilegently seek to be the Christians we need to be for our children!

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