July 28, 2013

Lilla Rose Consultant

I guess the topic of this post is pretty obvious from the title so I'll just share a few details about what it means.

I'd seen these things called flexi clips online for a while, but finally was able to see them in person and purchase one a couple months ago. It was perfect for this busy, worn out  sometimes tired, mom who had been resorting to boring ponytails for so long! And even better was that it works in all different kinds of hair so I can share it with Delancey as well. (I will admit that I haven't practiced up with a lot different styles and up dos yet but the ones we have done are really cute!)

Anyway, I've had a couple people comment and ask about it so thought it would be fun to do a party or something to share such a great find. Then I realized that there wasn't a ton of requirements or start-up cost just to sign on as a consultant myself.....and here I am!

I won't go into tons of details about all the sizes, kinds, etc or the fact that this company also offers other cute products at the moment. I'll just let you click through to my website and browse around for yourself! But be sure to email me with any questions and definitely stay tuned for more info in the future. Can't wait to get started on this new adventure!

Here's the link for the website again in case you missed it above. Oh, and my facebook page as well. Look forward to selling these fun, unique hair accessories to all of you!



  1. Tyra, You are blessed with an adorable family...I love their smiles :) God's blessings for your family, your industry, and your Lilla Rose business!

    1. Thank you so much for the sweet comment! I've enjoyed finding your blog through fb and reading several of your articles recently. And yes we are definitely blessed! ~Tyra


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