May 12, 2014

Motherhood in 4-D

Although being a mom is obviously something I think about a lot since it's basically a huge part of who I am right now, celebrating mother's day over the weekend caused me to reflect on some specific things motherhood means for me.  Here are just a few of them I wanted to share....

~ It's probably one of the best feelings in the world! From the moment you first see those pink lines on a test, feel the first tiny movements inside your womb, to the day you actually meet that little baby in person for the first time. It's just indescribably special to know you've become a momma.

~ It's completely exhausting some days. And nights. Both emotionally, physically, and mentally! In other words, being a mom is hard.

~ It's also one of the most rewarding jobs ever. All those long days and nights are forgotten in an instant when you feel little arms around your neck and hear a little voice saying, "I love you, momma!".

~ I didn't know half as much about being a mom before having kids as I thought I did!

~ It's all about grace. God's, yours, and theirs. Where in the world would we all be without it?!

~ Every child is totally unique and has to be dealt with in completely different ways sometimes. What works for one doesn't automatically work for another. And that's for lots of different areas of life so it can take lots of effort to figure it all out! 

~ It's the most challenging thing I've ever done and never ceases to cause me to realize how much I need to change and grow while I'm training them to do the same. I often think that God gives us children just to help us see all the areas we need to allow Him to work on in ourselves!

~ It's completely convinced me that the verse in the Bible, "pray without ceasing", was written just for mothers. :-)

~ It's crazy, fun, scary, beautiful, frustrating, amazing, and wonderfully sweet....all at the same time! I'm not really sure there are enough words to accurately describe this mom journey. But I'm so thankful to be on it!

Some days I feel like a complete failure. Some days I don't know if I'll make it until bedtime. (without going crazy anyway;) And there are even some days I just don't want to get out of bed at all! But every day I am blessed to have the gifts of these children in my life. And there are always, always more good days than bad because of the love we share, no matter what. I'm slowly learning that even when I'm not a perfect momma (although I think we should definitely try to be the best we can!) I have a perfect God who can take care of it all. Big things or little things, I can seek Him with it and trust He has it under control. It's good to know that I don't have to do this motherhood thing alone. Cause life in 4-D can get a little messy sometimes and I definitely need some help to do this momma thing right! The days when I really let Him lead me are the ones that by far the best.

So to sum it all up my thoughts after mother's day this year are mostly of being grateful. For the privilege of being a mom, for the special kiddos that call me that, and for a Saviour who loves us all and is ever faithful on this journey to give us just what we need. Glad that He saw fit to let me live life in 4-D! :-) 

(ps. if you're new to the blog or don't know our family personally, all of our kiddos have names beginning with "D" so the whole life in 4-D saying is just for fun because of that!)
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