March 23, 2016

Our Plexus Beginning!

If y'all know me or have read about our family's health struggles and challenges over the past few years then you probably know that I'm super cautious about the types of treatments and supplements we try. I also tend to do lots of research before making a decision on if something seems like it will be good for us and help with our issues rather than making them worse or just not benefiting us at all. That being said I've been hearing about a company called Plexus for several months now but honestly at first just passed it off as another product line that claimed miracles but with a closer look wasn't as healthy as it said. Add to that the fact we were in the middle of new treatments for Daxton, a move to FL, and a dozen other crazy changes and I pretty much just wasn't interested in looking into anything else right then. But fast forward to a few weeks ago and I kept seeing stories about how much the Plexus products had helped people with so many things (and some of them specifically very similar to issues I knew we had) and I decided I couldn't ignore digging a little deeper any longer! After much reading and discussion plus prayer we ended up taking the plunge to try the basic set-up called the Triplex. 
Something that greatly impressed me when researching these products was the emphasis on gut health and the need to heal that in order to help so many other issues. We've faced many challenges in our own health journey due to problems with our gut so I know that it is the basis for a huge variety of both ailments if it's out of balance and achieving optimal health when it isn't. Add to that some of the other great results you can see from just drinking the pink drink alone and I was very encouraged that these products could help us in our ever changing journey to helping our bodies be the best they can be. I also love that it is plant based, has no artificial colors, and is sweetened only with stevia. There's so much more I found out but for sake of time here's another graphic to help explain the process of taking these three products together:
We've only been doing the protocol for a couple of weeks now so can't testify to any amazingly different results yet (other than noticing better energy levels for me which is definitely a plus!) but I am looking forward to what is in store for us in the coming weeks as we keep on taking it. I will be sure to report back as we notice more changes!
Last but not least, I wanted to share that if you're interested in trying these products for yourself Plexus is offering a one time 15% off code for all purchases made by April 15th. You can go to my website here to browse and order with the code THANKS or comment or email me with any questions you have. There are 3 different ways to order that can save you money depending on the level of use you intend to have with the products so please let me know if I can help explain things in more detail. I would love to have you join us on this new health challenge and am excited at the benefits we can all see in the future!


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