December 25, 2010

Christmas and Other Things!

It's late here at the Whitlow house so this will probably be short. Just wanted to do a quick update and let ya'll know how things are going around here.

The most exciting thing has been waking up to a white Christmas this morning! It hasn't snowed on the holidays in years so it was alot of fun to enjoy that experience with the kids. Unfortunately, we've all had colds or something so Blake was too sick to get out and of course Darcey is too little so they both stayed in where it was warm and cozy while the kids and I played out with my parents and brother. (and since Dathan and Delancey have some of the symptoms as well I'm hoping and praying it doesn't make them worse...I just couldn't stand to not let them go out though!) Mostly Christmas has been pretty laid back this year with things being so hectic with Darcey, but it turned out being okay really. I'm just thankful for my family and all God has blessed us with.....the best gift being His son and the reason we were able to celebrate this holiday in the first place! It might not have been as planned or what we expected, but it's still good just because of Him.

In other news, Darcey turned 2 months old yesterday and is growing and changing all the time. I still fully intend to do some more posts about her and how life has been since she was born, but once again it will have to be another day. For now I'll just share how thankful I am that she's a part of our family and how special she is even on the really rough days. I'm also grateful that she slept laying down by herself, propped up on a little pillow this week for the first time. Anyone who's ever had to hold a crying, sick baby almost 24/7 for weeks on end, knows exactly how big of an accomplishment (and relief!) that is.

As for her two older siblings, they are growing and changing as well. I think they are sprouting up right before my eyes every day and are starting to look so grown up! It's sad to see your babies get older, even if it is a natural part of life. :( 
They are both great helpers with Darcey and love giving her attention. They are also as of right now most interested in football and princesses....although after getting some other toys for Christmas those might change soon! I'm pretty sure a camera and sewing machine are on Delancey's top favorite list and Dathan got alot of spy equipment so I'm seeing some new hobbies developing around here.

And for me and Blake, we're just staying busy and trying to keep sane while living life with 3-D's. lol Oh, and we were also engaged to be married 9 years ago on the 22nd and are wondering where the time has gone?! I think that about wraps it up for now though. I'll try to post some pictures and update on some other things soon. Until then hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and continue to enjoy this holiday season as we get ready to start a new year!

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