January 2, 2011

10 Weeks Old!

Has it really been 10 whole weeks since I gave birth to this wonderful little baby girl?! It doesn't seem possible she could be that old already....although there have been a few days that seemed to go on forever I must admit. :)
I'm working on some of the struggles we've had and how hard it's been in another post though, so for now I'm gonna just focus on the good stuff!

Darcey is sweet and smiling whenever she isn't hurting. I love seeing her wake up in the mornings or from a nap when she isn't in pain and knowing that the bubbly little smiles and interactions are her true personality. (not the constant crying of feeling bad which covers that up!) She's very observant and likes to be held facing out while walking around so she can see everything. She's been grinning and trying to laugh at us for several weeks now. And she never gets tired of being talked to by any of us! She also makes noises and tries to mimic whatever we're doing with our mouths....it's so funny to see her trying to use her tongue and lips....she takes it so seriously! :)
She seems to be developing quickly (or maybe I'm just forgetting how the other two were) and started holding her head up very young. Now she's already trying to sit up whenever she's on the changing table or being held in our laps. I had bought her a Bumbo seat for Christmas, but figured it would be a little while before she could use....she surprised me by already being able o sit in it by herself for a short amount of time! It seems to cause her reflux to get a little worse though (probably too much pressure on her stomach) so I don't sit her in there very often or leave her for very long.
She also sits in her vibrating seat for small intervals every day before getting fussy. It's a little break for me and good for her as well I think! The swing is probably not as much liked by her, but sometimes works for just a minute if she's not already crying when I put her in....which wasn't very surprising since the other two kids didn't swing very much either, so I wasn't getting my hopes up too far. I think maybe when her pain level has gone down even more (which we hope is soon!) she'll be using both seats alot more often. We can always wish for that anyway! :)

Darcey is also growing like crazy and still wants to eat almost 4 ounces about every 2 1/2-3 hours. She's wearing 3 months clothes and size 1 diapers, but is looking like she'll be moving up again before too long! Probably the biggest accomplishment in the past couple weeks is that we've been able to lay her down between us in the bed propped up on some pillows to sleep part of each night. That might sound crazy to most people since it isn't for very long or even in her own bed, but when you've got one who has to be held 24 hours a day any kind of break is wonderful!

This past week has been a little rough with her being even more fussy than normal, but she seems to be doing a little better now so maybe that was just a phase or something. I had ran out of the probiotics I was giving her and got some more of those Friday night so hopefully that'll start helping her stomach again. I also began adding some aloe vera juice to one of her bottles each day again to see if that would help her digestion. Some days it seems like things work and others not so who knows really, but we're trying to do all we can to give her some relief!

Well, I guess that's about enough updating for now. I'll end with saying how thankful we are for this baby girl and how much we all love having her around! She's definitely become a very special addition to our little family.....one which I wouldn't trade for all the peaceful, sleeping nights in the world. And that's saying alot for us right now! :)

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