January 22, 2011

Baby Bloopers!

This post will probably be a little scattered and probably more than a little silly so just consider yourself forewarned! :)

Adjusting to life with a newborn after so long has been quite a pain, ahem, I mean an adventure these past few weeks. Lack of sleep, stress over her being sick and requiring constant care, and just overall changes have made things pretty crazy around here at times. (to be honest, that's putting it a little mildly...but I digress) Okay, where was I? Oh, yeah, craziness....here's just a few little things that have happened or been said lately that I thought was funny. Figured I would share so you all could get a laugh too! Cause sometimes when life is rough you might as well just laugh instead of cry, right?! :)

You know the saying, "don't cry over spilt milk"? (actually, sometimes that reaction is totally appropiate in my opinion, especially when you're paying $9 a can for it!) But when you try pouring it into a bottle without a liner in it and it goes everywhere, it really is more funny than sad I have to admit. I mean, who would do something like that anyway? lol Or maybe when for no apparent reason you pick up the jar and it drops out of your hand to run all over the cabinets and into the drawers and you stand there thinking how in the world did that just happen? I don't think I've mentioned how clumsy I got with this last pregnancy(which I read is perfectly normal, but I think is debatable depending on what you consider normal!). Well, unfortunately the clumsiness has stayed with me and doesn't look like it's gonna get better anytime soon. Which is probably why I managed to somehow slam the cabinet door extremely loud the other day....right after we had commented on the fact that Darcey had just fallen asleep in her swing for the first time ever! Can anyone say frustrating?! (and in case you wondered, yes, she did wake up. immediately. crying.) I think that's enough about my awful lack of gracefulness slight clumsiness for now though. I'm making myself upset all over again. lol

As for funny things that the kids have said here's a couple that come to mind at the moment. Dathan told me a couple weeks ago that my stomach was so much smaller since I'd had Darcey. Yeah, I was really encouraged...until he continued with saying that now I only look maybe 2 or 3 months pregnant! I did try to have a heart to heart about considering what you say and if it might hurt someone's feelings(not for myself but in case he did it to someone else!) but I have to admit it was more than a little comical cause he was just so cute and honest. I couldn't help but laugh and just agree since it was true anyway. haha
Delancey's funniest thing was when she told mom about how we were getting ready to go somewhere one day and that Darcey had been so good, but then before we could leave 'she started to scream bloody murder!'. Then she thought about it for a second and said, "No, it was worse than bloody murder!" lol There's nothing like the things kids say sometimes. It's priceless! :)

Last but not least is the funniest thing by far that has happened since Darcey was born. (well, I think so anyway... Blake might not fully agree. haha) We had finally gotten to where we were attempting to lay Darcey down propped up on pillows between us some at night a few weeks ago. It was still very challenging to get her to sleep and her actually stay that way for very long though so sometimes I would bounce the bed a little after I laid her on it to hopefully keep her settled. This particular night she was pretty fussy and I had been up with her for awhile before trying to lay her down. Blake was already in bed and had fallen asleep sometime before.(I should probably note at this point that he has been notorious for doing things in his sleep ever since we've been married...starting with on our honeymoon...which is a story for another day) So anyway as I started to bounce on the bed he jumps up, pushes away the sleep mask he had on, and with a rather wild look started to run to...well, somewhere I guess. I'm still desperately trying to keep Darcey asleep but not let him go running off all crazy so I start whisper yelling(ya'll know what that is, right?)at him to lay back down. Surprisingly enough he actually stopped and listened long enough to sit back on the bed and stare kinda blankly at me, albeit still with a rather panicked expression on his face. I quietly ask him what he was doing and he whispers back,"Getting out of bed!". And when I said why he looked at me like I was crazy and said,"Cause it was shaking!" You would have thought there was an earthquake or something the way he sounded. I had to really get a grip on myself to not laugh out loud and wake up Darcey myself at this point. lol I finally was able to reply long enough to tell him that I knew it was because I was the one doing it! haha He sat there for another minute and then evidently decided that things were safe enough so he could lay back down. After which he was immediately back asleep of course. And the funniest part?! He doesn't remember one little thing about it..... :-)

Okay, so there's some of the insanely crazy stuff that's been going on at our house lately. Hope you all got a kick out of reading it, if you managed to make it to the end of this impossibly long post that is!


  1. I love the story about Blake jumping up out of bed. That sounds JUST like something Jason would do! I love telling him about those things in the morning because he never remembers them either. : )


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