January 15, 2011

Just a Little Note

I keep promising myself that I will post more on here, but so far that just isn't happening! For today I'll be keeping it short and sweet and hopefully get around to finish the gazillion other posts I have started another day. :)

As I'm sure most of you know by now we've had snow since last Sunday night here in the south. This is the first 'big' snow we've had in years and especially that has stayed around for this long! The kids have been loving it of course, but it's also gotten a little old being so cold and not being able to get out during the day because of Darcey. The roads finally cleared off by Wednesday and Blake had to go back to work but the kids and I didn't go anywhere until yesterday. Can anyone say stir-crazy?! But I'm still glad we got it and the kids were able to enjoy having so much to play in here at home for a change. And I have to admit that I think it's beautiful too.

As for where we went yesterday, the homeschool group we're part of had a field trip at a local museum and since the kids were dying to get out and actually see someone else I decided to try and go. I wasn't sure how Darcey would do and actually it was the first real trip for me alone with all three kids, but it went really well! I was amazed that she hardly cried at all while we were there for over 2 hours....and then not amazed at all when she screamed most of the way home afterwards. Guess you can't have it all easy, right? :)

Well, that wasn't the greatest update in the world but it's late and I'm tired so it'll have to do. (and it's actually longer than I even meant for it to be so that should count for something) Here's hoping for a good night....

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