August 4, 2011

Things I Love {Thursday}

Since there are so many little things around here for me to share about that I'm pretty crazy over, I thought another post about some of it was in order. I'm also thinking this might become a reoccurring's kinda habit forming. :) So here's this week's list of things I love.....

~ Good reports at the doctor and seeing my little girl so happy that she can move her arm more now. (Delancey got a smaller cast today!)

~ Darcey getting big enough to play with the older kids and hearing all 3 of them laugh together while they do.

~ Seeing Dathan use his imagination to come up with all kinds of things to do. (we never know what he'll be dressed up like next!)

~ Having the privilage of homeschooling my kids and being blessed enough to stay at home with them. All. the. time.

~ Rocking and singing my baby girl to sleep. (and not just because it's better on me than's also so very, very sweet!)

~ Singing songs about the Lord and feeling His sweet Spirit flood my soul all over again.

~ Reading things out of the Bible that I've heard thousands of times before.....but learning something new anyway.

~ Being able to spend more time with Blake since he doesn't have to work so much overtime anymore!

What are loving about your life this week? I'd love it if you'd share about them in the comments! :)

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