August 18, 2011

Things I Love {Thursday}

Although I fully intend each week to write other posts besides this one I am obviously not getting around to it since this has been the 3rd one in a row with this title! That's okay though... we definitely have plenty of other stuff going on around here that's more important than blogging. :) That being said, it's still nice to check in at least occasionally to just keep up a little so this is a fun way to do that I guess. Here's my list for this week. Hope you'll join in with sharing things you love too!

~ Cuddling with Blake in the same chair and laughing over the fact that it's a little more crowded than it used to be! ;)

~ Hearing a little baby girl voice say "momma" over and over throughout the day.

~ Watching Dathan and Delancey playing outside and giggling over whatever crazy thing they've come up with to do.

~ Seeing Darcey stand on tiptoe to peek out the window trying to see the older kids play.....and then laughing when she does.

~ Knowing that God hears and answers prayers and is working things out in your life for good. Even if you can't alway see how at the moment.

~ The way Darcey crinkles up her cute little nose every time she smiles or laughs.

~ Another good report at the doctor and Delancey being so excited to have her cast off.

~ Planning Dathan's birthday celebrations and hearing him talk about how much fun it will be.

~ The kids having so much fun doing our new schoolwork this year and the fact that even though it might not be what's "expected" by works for us! :)

~ Watching Darcey taking her first step(today) and me and the kids going crazy clapping and cheering for her!!

~ Wrestling on the floor with all 3 kids and feeling blessed all over again to have them.

~ The couple of cooler days we had at the first of the week. (and also the idea that there might be more of them soon!)

So what are you loving this week? Come on, you know you want to join in with me!! :) Just leave something in the comments below.  (please and thank you, of course!)

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