July 17, 2012

Everyday Randomness

I didn't really have anything in particular that I could think of to write about at the moment (pregnancy brain?) so I figured I would just share some of what we've been up to lately.

Various doctors appointments for allergies, the dentist, and pregnancy check-ups seem to take up alot of our time lately! Most of it is needed obviously but sometimes it can be stressful to always be on the go. I'm hoping to slow down some in the next few weeks to have a break before the baby gets here.

Trying to get in some school days so that we can take off after Daxton comes without getting behind. Between not feeling good and staying gone alot that's been hard to do though! Oh, well, I'm convincing myself not to stress about that one and trusting that we'll get done what we need to when we need to. (okay, so I'm not always thinking that way about it but I know I should!)

Got to attend a fun baby shower for a sweet friend last week. Delancey was able to go as well and had a great time. We did a little shopping (mostly for groceries!) afterward and it was nice spending time with just the big girls for a change. Although Darcey is getting old enough that she really wants to be included more too! She may be referring to herself as "the baby" since we talk about Daxton alot these days but she totally thinks she's as big as the other two anyway.

The older kids and Blake got in free to watch the local baseball team play Saturday night. They had a blast while me and Darcey hung out here at home taking it easy.

For whatever reason my pubic bone starts popping out of place during later pregnancy and has since the very first time. Needless to say this is painful when it does it and combined with my hip trouble can pretty much get me down if it's bad. It did that early Sunday morning so I had a fun day for sure! Thankfully I had a chiropractor appointment already set up for Monday so was able to get adjusted. Lots of soreness and my hips still giving me a hard time today though. Hoping it will get better soon so I can actually walk around easier!

The kids and I visited my parents for breakfast and a swim before seeing the chiro on Monday so that was alot of fun. I had lots of contractions that night though so maybe a little too much fun swimming?! lol Actually, I think I'm just at that stage where things are getting started early which isn't unusual for me. Now if I just wouldn't do it for SO long and go over the due date! Contractions for weeks on end can get pretty tiresome after awhile.

I guess that's about it with the randomness for now. Oh, I almost forgot about being surprised with the news that some homeschool friends want to give me a baby shower of my own in a couple of weeks! So excited and thankful that they would do that. I'll be sure to share more details on that later though. For now I'm gonna head to bed and see how much sleep I can get. :-)


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