February 11, 2013

Celebration Fun!

My 31rst birthday was this past weekend so we celebrated with a party at my parent's house. Fun times! My mom cooked a delicious lunch and a yummy allergy-free dessert. The girls had so much fun decorating and yes, they put all 31 candles on the cookie cake! Took a lot of air to blow out that many. :-) As is typical here in the south it ended up being a warm day in February so we even got to enjoy going outside. Unfortunately, we currently have 2 pretty sick babies so my actual b'day was spent caring for them, but it was nice to celebrate while we could! Prayers for health are appreciated and here are a few pictures to see of our day. I'm so thankful to be blessed with another year to live and look forward to what God will do in the future! Until next time......

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