September 23, 2013

Cute, Modest Outfit Ideas

I've been thinking about some of the posts I've read on various blogs about modesty recently and how there's always ladies who ask questions about what that looks like in day to day life. So I thought it would be fun to share some of the outfits myself and the girls are wearing right now to help someone get some ideas! These aren't the best pictures but at least you can see the clothes we have on well enough. These are outfits we just threw together from random things we had. I'll try to share where the pieces come from if I can remember! :-)

This outfit is what I wore to the bee keeper field trip we had last week. Skirt is from Cato, tank top is a super old favorite from American Eagle, and not sure where the white t-shirt underneath came from. :-)

Not a full length picture but this skirt goes to my ankles. It came from Target as well as the navy shirt. I'm wearing a half-tee underneath which I love and want to get more of!

This is a skirt I found on Very Jane ( a deal a day website that you really need to check out if you haven't already). It's so cute and she loves that it's comfy too. The t-shirt is from Target. We like shopping there. :)

This skirt was on clearance at Walmart a few weeks ago for $2.50! The tank top came from there too and the denim jacket from Target. She has a couple other shirts that work with this skirt as well since it has so many colors in it.
So there's a few outfits we've worn in the past week. Hope you enjoy seeing them and it helps someone get some good ideas of modest clothes that are cute and fun to wear!
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