September 29, 2013

Field Trip to the Columbus Ships!

Well, another week has flown by and while we had a sick baby as well as some other issues that kept us from a full workload for school we still made it to our field trip on Friday! Here's a little rundown on it and some pictures for you to see.

The Christopher Columbus replica ships were in port about 20 minutes from our house so we planned up a fun outing to go tour them. It was a warm, sunny day here in AL and we had a great turnout for the group.  The replicas are of the Nina and Pinta. We had a guide that shared some info about the ships and we were able to go on board and look around as well. Here's a link to the site that shares more about them. It's a fun way to learn about how they traveled back then and the history behind Columbus' discovery. And here's a look at the ships!

                                        The Pinta

                                         The Nina
So there's our last field trip for Septemeber! Can't wait to plan up some new outings for next month and be back to share them with you all. :-)
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  1. I LOVE this!! We visited an LST ship a few weeks ago and the kids loved it. Thanks for linking up with Field Trip Friday :)

  2. How awesome! Thanks so much for linking up with Field Trip Friday! I can't see what adventures your family will be on in the future! :-)


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