November 5, 2011

A God Who Answers...

A year ago today our family of four went to the homeschool picnic for the group we were in....and left our brand new baby girl behind with my parents. As most of you know she struggled with so many issues in the first few weeks and months after being born that we could hardly take her out anywhere. Days and nights were spent just trying to keep her crying less (and rarely ever fully succeeding) and going out only made that worse. My heart broke as I left that day and while we had a good time it was still so hard seeing all the other babies with their momma's and not being able to have mine there.
This year the same Thanksgiving picnic rolled around and I was so excited at the thought of the whole family getting to go since Darcey is doing so much better now. But in the past couple of weeks she had picked up something viral and just couldn't seem to shake it. We would think she's getting better and then her symptoms would flare up worse all over again. Once more I was so dissapointed at having to possibly consider leaving her behind if she didn't start feeling better by today.
Yesterday she seemed a little better but by evening wasn't that great again but I decided to give it til this morning and just see how things went. We of course had been praying for her ever since she's gotten sick and have already seen the Lord answer more than once in giving her relief or just helping her sleep some on the worst days, but last night I asked Him specifically to please touch her enough so that she would be able to go with us.
This morning she woke up early in a good mood and seemed to be feeling fine. And although she had some congestion and drainage while taking her bath after that I'm pretty sure I never had to so much as wipe her nose one time and her cough was almost totally gone! Needless to say, she went on the picnic.....and we thanked God for answering our prayers. It might sound insignificant or unimportant to some, but to us it was a little miracle. :-)

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