January 3, 2012

How We Are

What with the holidays and everything I haven't really taken the time to update after sharing our exciting news. (if you haven't heard yet then click here to see!) So here's a little post about how things are going these days.

The kids are super excited about adding another baby to the family. I was a little worried that they would remember all the long, hard days with Darcey and be upset but they seem totally fine with the idea so far. I know that doesn't mean there won't be hard days that they get tired of but I'm thankful they are eagerly anticipating another sibling anyway! The older 2 are also great about helping out and being pretty independent when I need to rest so that is great too. Darcey of course doesn't understand about the baby yet, but she loves baby dolls and I know she's gonna be a great big sister when the time comes. All in all we just have some awesome kids so adding another one is exciting! :)

As for me, I have had pretty much every emotion there is since finding out I think. Since "morning" sickness has hit me with a vengeance in the past few days then I'm currently in the discouraged, wishing this part was over stage of pregnancy. (remind me again why they call it morning sickness when mine occurs every, waking, minute?!) To say this was a surprise would be an understatement or to say that I was in any way prepared for it would be the opposite, but I am sincerely trying to be thankful for the wonderful blessing that it is to grow another life and to trust the Lord with everything else! My health isn't the best so it's hard on me and those of you who know us well know that our baby's are born with alot of issues as well which makes for long, rough times so that's difficult too. But I'm trying to remember that God's in control, He's always brought us through, and I shouldn't worry too much about the future!

Blake, of course, has been pitching in even more than normal so that I can rest more and not have to move around much when I'm sick. He's thankful and excited about the baby but knows also that there will be hard times too. (before and after it's born) I'm thankful that he helps out like he does since it would be almost impossible for me to do everything alone.

All in all I'd say we are happy, nervous, excited, surprised, anxious, and well, you get the picture! :-) I would greatly appreciate your prayers for a safe, healthy pregnancy for us both. My greatest desire is that this baby will be born healthy, with less allergies, able to breastfeed, and without so much pain that causes constant crying. I am praying constantly that God will touch it and help it in these areas and that I can trust He knows best.

So there's a little update on things around here. I will be sure to check back in as often as I can. (ie:whenever I'm not too nauseated to even feel like typing! lol)

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  1. God bless, what a wonderful X-mas gift to you and your hubby


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