January 25, 2012

Lots to Look Forward Too!

Okay, so I have to admit that the main thing on my mind lately has not been blogging. Nope, first and foremost has pretty much just been nausea. Like how bad it is, what to do for it, and please, just let it go away! (which of course doesn't help at all, but hey a girl can hope, right?! lol)

But in the middle of all that horrible all-day morning sickness queasiness, there have been a few other things I've thought about too. And I realized this is gonna be some more year around here! So I thought I'd share some of the things we're looking forward to in the next few months.

Coming around the corner is me turning 30 on my birthday! I know for some that seems like such a huge milestone and it probably felt that way to me several years ago too, but honestly now that it's here it kinda just seems like any other year I guess. I think it helps that Blake already passed that marker a couple years ago so for me to turn 30 now isn't that big of a deal really. Still though it is a little memorable I guess since I'll never be in my 20's again after this! :-) Not sure if or how we'll celebrate. Alot of that will depend on the afore mentioned queasiness I'm sure.

Another big milestone we'll be making it to this year is our 10th anniversary! Wow, it seems crazy that we've already been married that long but I guess it's really true. I think we'd always figured on celebrating that one bigger than usual too but plans change when there's a little one on the way so who knows what we'll end up doing?! But just the fact that we've made it through all the ups and downs of marriage and are still together for this long will be a celebration in itself I think.

Last but not least, is of course the matter of the whole reason behind all this nausea (that I obviously still think about alot since I keep mentioning it. ha!). I still find it hard to believe we'll be giving birth to our 4th child later this summer!! It was definitely not something planned by us, but we are more than excited about it. :-) We're all secretly hoping for another boy but since it's a few more weeks til we find out then I'm trying to prepare everyone for the possibility of if it isn't. Although I have to admit that I'm probably hoping for it as much as anyone! But of course we will be thankful and content with whatever it ends up being....it's just gonna be harder picking out another girls name that begins with "D". lol

So there's some of the big stuff we're looking forward to this year. And there's sure to be a million other little things in between all that which will be special too! I'll be sure to check back in and share some of those too. You know, after I'm not so nauseated again. (just had to get one more mention in there! haha) On a serious note, prayers for me and the baby's health are still very much appreciated. It will be worth all I have to go through in the end but that doesn't make it any less hard at the moment with other kiddos to take care of. So all kidding aside, please pray that I do feel better soon!

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  1. have you tried ginger for the sickness? Works wonders ;)


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