September 28, 2010

Another False Alarm

Well, since my last post on Sunday I honestly haven't felt that good I think due to the rainy weather so it was actually a little bit of relief that I wasn't having the baby....I didn't really think I'd have the energy! Last night I seemed to be doing a little better though and ended up starting to have contractions again before going to bed. They seemed very much like the real thing and even got about 4-6 minutes apart for about an hour and a half. But by then I was sleepy and decided to just lay down for awhile....I figured if it was the real thing then it would wake me back up! And I actually did around 3 feeling achy and still having some contractions, but with them farther apart.
Needless to say, it was a long and hard night in which I didn't get the greatest rest, but here I am this morning with no baby to show so evidently it was just another 'gearing up' session for when she actually does decide to arrive! I'm still have occasional contractions, etc but nothing else new to really report today. ((sigh))
That being said I'm still just gonna try to focus on getting some more things done this week around the house and enjoying my time with Dathan and Delancey since I know I won't have as much to spend with them after Darcey gets here. Now if I can just manage to forget how tired I am.....

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