September 30, 2010

Checkup and Other Things

Just checking in with a little update on how things are going. Saw the midwife this afternoon and am definitely making progress(although not as much as I'd like to have seen considering all these contractions!). She said hopefully I'll have her sometime within this next week, but once again we just can't know for sure so it's still a wait and see game. I'm kinda thinking with all the independent, stubborn type tendencies that run in the family that Darcey is gonna prove to be no different.... and she's making sure to start extra early! lol Anyway, I'll definitely be sure to let you all know if there are any changes, but as for now just keep praying for strength and rest for me and that she'll get here soon.

In other news, the kids have been great at helping out and entertaining themselves more this week since I've been feeling so rough. I know they're gonna be an amazing big brother and sister when the baby does arrive. But hopefully she'll be healthy and a good sleeper so that things aren't too crazy around here!

Dathan's been having fun picking different animals and things to study this week and then finding everything around the house or on the computer that he can on each subject. It's fun to see him wanting to learn like that and having the flexibility so that he can! Delancey's working on her reading and can hardly wait until she's able to do it 'all by herself'. (remember the independence I mentioned earlier?) They've both been drawing like crazy lately as well and are just so good at it that I don't even hardly notice the amount of paper and other writing things that gets strewn around all over the place in the meantime. ((ahem)) All kidding aside though, it's good to see them use their imaginations that way....and to be honest a perfectly clean house isn't all that important compared to alot of things anyway. (although I have to admit if I go into labor tonight that my next thought after "thank goodness she's finally coming" will probably be about needing to clean up this mess!) But I suppose that's enough about all that for now.

I think we finally have all the baby stuff bought that we need and I finished putting binding on a quilt I was making for her yesterday.....well, technically it was quilted material and putting the binding on was all I had to do. And if you see me out in town I will not be showing you how I did it so please don't ask! lol Sewing is something I'm still working on and definitely need lots of practice in. But all that aside it's nice to know that we're basically just waiting for Darcey's grand entrance. And I for one can't wait until it gets here. Well, actually I think Blake is pretty ready for it too since it'll be a great excuse for him to take off work instead of having to kill himself with all this overtime he's been putting in! Hmmmm, I'm not sure if that's really gonna give him much of a break though come to think of it. For now we'll just have to both be patient I guess. So until the next update.....


  1. Glad to hear you are doing well! I know it's so hard waiting- especially so close to the end. I've been praying for you!

  2. Praying for a restful weekend for you and then that sweet baby can make her appearance on Monday. :)


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