October 3, 2010

Weekend Recap

It would be great to be writing this with the wonderful news of Darcey's birth, but alas once again it is not to be yet. Although I did begin to think last night that it would be what with the amount of hard contractions I was having before bed. Hmmmm, is it just me or am I beginning to sound like a broken record repeat myself alot when it comes to talking about this? Actually though I'm okay for the most part that she isn't coming....other than being kinda miserable and tired I truly do want her to be born when it's time and not just because I think she should be. We did get a good laugh Friday after someone mentioned that she was obviously going to be born in October now instead of September like we'd been thinking. To which Dathan replied, well maybe she will be. I was like, uh, no that is definitely something we're sure about! lol

We're still enjoying spending time together with just the four of us until the big day does arrive, although I have to admit some days are harder than others when I'm so tired and somewhat irritable at times from lack of rest and being in pain. Seems like I'm constantly having to remind myself to look for the good things and be thankful for them instead of focusing on the not so good....which to be honest, sometimes works and sometimes doesn't. Surely that's not just me though, right?

Dathan had another flag football game yesterday and the weather was perfect for it! (finally) It's been so fun seeing him get to play and have fun, without having to spend alot of time doing it each week or it being made into something too important. I'm really gonna try to do a post soon and put some pictures of him playing on here. But please don't judge them too harshly as I find myself totally unable somewhat struggling to take very good ones while trying to watch him play at the same time. :-)

This morning Blake was preaching at a church in Guntersville so it was nice to be able to hear him again. Since we were over that way we decided to visit my momaw for awhile and see how she was doing. We ended up staying there until this afternoon and then made a trip back home, where I decided to just stay for tonight while Blake went back and preached again. Dathan went and kept him company while Delancey stayed here with me for some girl time. (and actually for me just to take it easy) I hated for us not to all go together again, but the baby has been pressing on the nerve in my leg alot today for some reason so I've been pretty uncomfortable at times and didn't think I could sit through another service.

All in all this weekend was pretty busy (although maybe not quite as much as the last one) but good too. I'm hoping once again to get some rest in the next few days and hopefully have a smooth, easy delivery to write about soon! Oh, I almost forgot one crazy thing that happened last night after we went to the grocery store. We were driving the truck and had put the groceries(and some other things from earlier)in the back. On Friday the front of the truck and the windshield had gotten covered in bugs so it was really needing to be washed. Blake decided to make a quick stop at the drive-through carwash so it would be clean for today....both of us totally forgetting all the stuff in the back! Thankfully as we were just beginning to pull in Dathan looked back and saw everything and managed to warn us before it got too wet. We then jumped out and piled it all into the front with us so we didn't waste the already paid for carwash. And got a really good laugh out of how entirely scatterbrained we've both been lately!! It's kinda scary to think about what it's gonna be like after we actually have this 3rd child. Now you can understand part of the reason behind the name of the blog. :-) Until next time.....

The Whitlow's

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