October 29, 2010

Tired and Thankful

I know the plan was to write about the birth in more detail this week, but to be honest the past few days have just been overwhelming and blogging hasn't exactly been on the top of the priority list. I am utterly exhausted and have realized that I had completely forgotten what a big job having a newborn is. To be honest, I've had my moments of being so tired that it's been hard to be in good spirits and keep a good attitude,(I'm sure no one else ever has that problem, right?) but all in all I am still very thankful that our little girl is finally here and realize how greatly God has blessed us. And I want to keep reminding myself even through the hard times that these moments will pass so quickly and I need to cherish every single one of them. So although I do want to write Darcey's birth story some time in the future, for now I'm just gonna focus on catching up on sleep when I can and making memories with my baby girl. I figured ya'll would understand. :-) Oh, and just to hold you over til then, here's a picture or two....


  1. Definitely understand! Praying for you!! She is precious :)

  2. Congrats! Hope you're getting more rest and that you make many great memories with her :)


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