October 22, 2010

Natural Ways To Induce Labor (or not)

For those of you who might be wondering (and I'm sure there's alot of that going on at this point. lol) I figured it would be good to give a quick rundown of the things I've tried so far to help this baby along when it comes to being born. Now obviously none of them have actually worked for me so I'm still not sure how valid the ideas really are, but they should be interesting reading regardless, right? And just maybe if you happen to be 8 er, make that 9 days over your due date one of them just might work for you! :-)
So here goes the list......

1. walking (of course, that one's probably a given to most)
2. taking herbs (which resulted in maybe a slight increase in contractions, but mostly made me nauseated I think)
3. rubbing various acupressure points (same as the herbs, minus the nausea...although I think these really do work well for some people)
4. more walking (which so far has still only proven to cause my feet to swell and make me tired and sore)
5. eating the core of a pineapple (now this one is probably by far the most unusual I've tried this time, but it actually is supposed to help move things along...for me it just seemed to be really tough to eat and I spent awhile picking pieces of it after my teeth, which I guess at least managed to get my mind off of other things for the moment. lol)
6. real acupuncture (yep, the actual needles...by a professional of course. now seriously I would've thought this one would work hands down, but no other than a few stronger contractions since having it done yesterday I really can't tell much difference)
7. strange positions (I'm sure that looks funny to read, but it's really just me trying different poses to try and help her turn in a good way to be born. these seem to just be uncomfortable for me and not really working for her. hmmmm, maybe that's a good sign I should just not do them!)
8. even more walking (okay, so I'm sure this really is doing more than what I realize, but I'm still not totally sure if it's a good or bad thing yet. it seems to cause progress in some ways but sometimes stop it in others so the verdict is still out as to whether it's all actually worth it.)

So there's my tried (and, um, unfortunately failed) methods of not self-inducing labor. I hope you all got at least some enjoyment out of it, cause so far I sure haven't! lol

All kidding aside though, I had an ultrasound yesterday and Darcey looks great. Everything looked and sounded fine and there's plenty of fluid. Honestly it just seemed like she should be coming anytime, which I'm sure is true that she will be. And considering that none of the above things have worked in causing her to be born by now then there is obviously a good reason why she hasn't been. One which I will probably never know of course, but it still helps to tell myself that at this point. haha I'm really just trying to trust that God knows best and that as long as things turn out okay the when she's born doesn't really matter much. Although I have to admit that in my humanness(don't think that's actually a word)it's sometimes hard not to worry and fret over things going wrong or question if the reason she isn't coming is a bad one....but I'm not the only one that does stuff like that, right? Please just continue to pray that I'll have peace about it all and that whenever something does happen that things will go smoothly and safely for us both. I really can't wait for her to get here so I can finally write a post about that! :-) Until next time.....

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